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Do You Like An Airline Base On A/c Or Service?

Sat Nov 15, 2008 7:48 pm

I was wondering how important is the a/c factor, when it come to liking an airline? For example BA has maybe the best fleet past, presents and furture, but I can not stand BA because they think they are the worlds favorite airline, get off your self! I think UA counter service can go fly a kite! Even with the bad service ( not flight crew) I still would fly UA from IAD to LAX because they use 777 or sometimes 747 on that route.
Then there the airlines I like, for example I always liked Qantas, but not just base on fleet but because I grow up watching them come into LAX, and I like there flying Kangaroo theme. Like EK base on fleet and I think they just a great airline for a new comer.

So why would you like an airline.
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RE: Do You Like An Airline Base On A/c Or Service?

Sat Nov 15, 2008 7:51 pm

I will definitely go for the one with the nicest plane, or the carrier I haven't yet flew.

If they both have some boring airbus and I have flew them both I will probably choose the one with the best service!
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RE: Do You Like An Airline Base On A/c Or Service?

Sun Nov 16, 2008 4:03 pm

Best service always. Great service will overshadow poor equipment anyday. Poor service on a great airplance is still poor service.
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RE: Do You Like An Airline Base On A/c Or Service?

Sun Nov 16, 2008 4:32 pm

Best aircraft. I have my i Pod and Nintendo DS when I'm bored and my parents bring plenty of food on the plane so if an airline doesn't even serve chips I don't care. And if I've never flown the airline before then I'll try them.
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RE: Do You Like An Airline Base On A/c Or Service?

Sun Nov 16, 2008 9:51 pm

This is actually quite a complicated question ...  Wink

- I hate having 2 people sitting next to me on a long haul flight. So I try to avoid aircraft with a "window -3 seats - aisle" seating arrangement.

- The Airbus A330/340 are by far the quietest and most comfortable aircraft to fly on, so its always a joy to fly on them.

- Service is always a hit and miss with all airlines. Sometimes they have there good days and sometimes they have their bad days. However, its the consitency of their service level that I find important. Having said that, I hate it when people trash an airline or praise another and they're basing their whole story on 1 experience. Even worse, those people who bash or praise an airline and have never even flown them ....  no 

- Transferring airport/hub. AMS is great and easy, while LHR (even with the new T5) is still a pain. Why in God's name, if I'm arriving at a T5B gate and departing 2 hours later from the gate beside the one I arrived, should I have to take an underground train, go up and down a maze of escalators, only to stand in line to go through passport control and another line for another security check only to go back to the same maze of escalators to go back on the underground train and end up where I started?

- Adventure factor. The airline enthusist in me is always looking for new airlines, aircraft and airports to try. If I could fly all the way around the world, stopping off in a dozen airports, trying different airlines and aircraft for the same price as a non-stop flight, I would.

- Price, the price needs to be right. I don't mind spending $100 - $200 more for a flight if I can find one that really gives me a comfortable aircraft on an airline that I've had consistently good service with and that I transit through an airport I enjoy. Or of course, if the trip really sounds like an adventure to me  Smile .

So, to answer the question in the OP. For me, a consistent level in service is the most important factor when I base my decision to book a flight. Bottom line is that airlines are still in the service industry and there needs to be some level of service. Personally, I don't really care if the tinfoil souffle has bin created by a 5 star chef, to me its more important that the crew member serving it really does enjoy their job and at least tries to make my trip enjoyable even if its with a simple smile.
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RE: Do You Like An Airline Base On A/c Or Service?

Mon Nov 17, 2008 8:27 am

Quoting 747400sp (Thread starter):
Do You Like An Airline Base On A/c Or Service?

Basically I like every airline i.e. I have no reservations to fly with them.
However, there are factors that disqualify an airline for me:
- Schedules not suiting my needs and taste
- Own prior bad experience at any stage of the whole process from searching for flights, booking, checking-in, boarding, flying until arriving back home. And getting FF-points/miles credited without further interaction.
- The use of a/c and its layout is one factor of "flying".
- Furthermore, airport facilities used by the airline can shine a bad light onto the overall experience.
- Bad safety records

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