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LH 424 Muc Bos On A Privatair 737-700

Sun Nov 16, 2008 11:44 pm

I am flying next friday on this service . Have any of you flown on this aircraft ? I was wondering how the seat and service compares with LH mainline in business class to Boston .

Many thanks !
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RE: LH 424 Muc Bos On A Privatair 737-700

Mon Nov 17, 2008 8:15 am

I have been on PrivatAir's BBJ service for KL AMS to IAH and back. Telling from this and answer I got beforehand, here are my insights;:

Seats do not fully recline. They are of older Business Class style (built rather leight-weight), but still pretty comfortable to sleep in (this comes from a overweight 1m92 guy ...).

I was worried about flying for 12 hours in such a small cabin (diameter) but was pleasantly surprised. No feeling of narrowness (is this a valid word ?).
More than adequate overhead storage space (even on a full flight home sitting in seat 01C I easisly could find a spot for my carry-on).

Only DigiPlayers (selected and limited Video and Audio) being handed out. (I could not find anything suiting my taste and declined the device for the red-eye flight).
IIRC, overhead monitors with moving map.
Bring your own IFE;

Power supply:
Power supply in each seat (IIRC, 110V US-style outlets).

Noise-cancelling headsets:
The function was in-op on the headphones I received, as the proper pin of the connector was not powered. There was a adaptor in use between the DigiPlayer and the headphone which was the source of the problem (valid for everybody, not just my set).
If you have got your own noise-cnx headphone (with a single 3.5mm plug) bring it with you.

Noise in cabin
Noise levels are lower than on standard B737NG.
However, depending on your exact position in the a/c, it will be a bit louder than in Business Class of a big jet (where Business Class is in the front half of the cabin). A set of hearing protection (foam-type) is always welcomed by me.
Noise from fellow travellers was non-exisiting.

Food and drinks (flying for KL) was identical with mainline service (even the same promotions).

Very attentive swiss F/A's employed by PrivatAir, not KL on my flights. I assume it is the same for LH. IIRC, we had 4 F/A's for the cabin.

The big Plus:
Boarding / deplaning will take only minutes for the whole a/c.

Even with lacking IFE (of no importance to me, but usually for others) and the older-style seats I would not hesitate to fly it again.
(review based on experiences in Business Class longhaul on LH, LX, KL, AF, DL, NW)
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