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Cares Child Restraint, Any Tips Or Problems?

Sat Nov 29, 2008 2:35 am

If you all think this question needs to go to Polls and Preferences, feel free to move me. I saw mention of this in a thread about a year ago, but thought it worth asking again to see if there were any new opinions.

This holiday season, my wife and I thought it might be easier to try the new CARES child harness system than deal with the hassle of car seats. I was curious if any of you frequent fliers or cabin crew had any thoughts on CARES. FAA seems to recommend CARES as well. But, are there any concerns or problems I ought to know? For instance, the chest-level harness slips around the seat back and behind the tray table for the seat behind. Has this ever caused a problem? If any of you travel with children, how do they like/dislike the harness?

For those interested, here is the website http://www.kidsflysafe.com/ .

We'll be flying CO on a 737 in December, but I was also wondering if any of the smaller RJs are suitable as well, or if any of the ultrathin seats in the latest aircraft present any problems.



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