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Anyone Ever Considered Owning An Airline?

Tue Dec 02, 2008 11:20 pm

Sorry if this topic has been posted before. I'm not sure if this topic should in the Polls forum or the Civil Aviation forum.

I know during this time no one wants to start an airline. But in the past have you considered owning an airline? Or have you thought about in the future trying to start up an airline?

I have thought about this. If oil prices are down, the economy is stronger, there is low competition, and I got a good education in high school and college I would consider starting an airline. But I don't really know how to start an airline. I'm not rich like Richard Branson so I don't really know how to get money together to start an airline. If everything looked good to start an airline I would try it.

Plans for my airline:

Name: International Airlines

Hub: MSP

6x Bombardier C-110
4x Bombardier C-130

Start up routes:
MSP-DCA 2x daily year-round
MSP-PDX 2x daily year-round
MSP-SFO 2x daily year-round
MSP-MEX 1x daily year-round
MSP-GDL 1x daily year-round
MSP-LAX 2x daily year-round
MSP-SFO 2x daily year-round
MSP-MSY 2x daily year-round

For those of you who considered owning an airline, what were your plans?
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RE: Anyone Ever Considered Owning An Airline?

Tue Dec 02, 2008 11:44 pm

Yes, I have too

Fly America Airlines
Hubs: MCO & EWR

Start Up Routes:
MCO-EWR 2x daily year round

MCO-DEN 1x daily seasonal
MCO-BOS 1x daily year round
MCO-SFO 1x daily year round
MCO-SEA 1x daily year round
EWR-KEF 1x daily seasonal
EWR-DEN 1x daily seasonal
EWR-SEA 1x daily seasonal
EWR-SFO 1x daily year round
Using a E-190 with entertainment

Fly America X Start Up Routes:
EWR-YYZ 2x daily year round
EWR-BOS 1x daily seasonal
MCO-SJU 1x daily seasonal
DEN-COS 1x daily seasonal
Using a Q400

A Low Fare carrier!
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RE: Anyone Ever Considered Owning An Airline?

Wed Dec 03, 2008 3:09 pm

I'd like to start one but finding the $$ is going to be tough. I heard that the guy who started Skybus is trying to do it again. If he can't then what shot to we? There is probably some people with money on this website...

Interesting routes to that you both have proposed.

Can't stand the Bombardier though.

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