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Who Reads Us?

Tue Jan 20, 2009 4:21 am

I haven't quite found anything that addresses this question directly. Allowing that not all passengers are polite and rational, I've noticed that on this site and others there can be many "observations" that a cabin-crew can be surly, rude and invisible for most of a flight. Does anyone from the airline companies read these assessments and attempt to change anything? If employers are scanning, say, Facebook for infractions by employees, then are they also reading that sometimes the cabin-service, if only the atmosphere created, is less than pleasant on trip-reports published here and elsewhere on the 'net, and attempting to do something about it? I know there are a great many factors to be taken into account, but it seems to me that with some carriers the problem [of crew who make the journey unpleasant] is systemic. I won't mention any carrier by name, 'though I will say that WN crews seem to have a good attitude. Your thoughts, please.

Thanks! Greg

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