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Airport/Airline Lounge Purchase

Sat Jan 24, 2009 7:46 am

I know that several Airport Lounges offer the possibility to purchase a day pass to use their lounge without having to fly In F or C class. So far I am only able to find a UK website where you can purchase a lounge pass.

If you know any other similar websites or links where you can purchase lounge passes, please
list them in this thread.


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RE: Airport/Airline Lounge Purchase

Mon Jan 26, 2009 11:54 am


These guys are generally considered to be the best. I have been a member for 2 years now and am VERY pleased with them.

The lounges tend to be one of two things - either an airline lounge that they have an agreement with or what I would call a general lounge (Holideck for example) that you could pay for on the day if you so wished....either way, I recomend them!



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