Will Lie Flat Skybeds Be Fitted To QF A330/744?

Sun Feb 01, 2009 10:47 pm

Now that QF have joined the "lie flat" club in J on the A380 with their second generation Skybed does anyone know whether there are plans to retrofit these to other longhaul a/c ?

With a number of their competitors offering lie flat in J on major routes out of Australia is the time right for QF to upgrade from the old Skybed ? If so , will they do it on all long haul a/c ?

I guess that a lot of the older 744s must be nearing retirement ( hard to believe it but VH-OJA will be 20 years old later in 2009 !) so they might choose to keep the old Skybeds on a/c of this vintage until they retire them , but the 744ERs must still have quite a few years left in them .

Anyone with inside knowledge on this ??

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