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Refundable Ticket With A Non-refundable Credit?

Sat Mar 28, 2009 12:57 am

Here's the story... I got a ticket last december for $821 (which was refundable but the airline screwed up and didnt give me the money back!) but was not able to travel, so I was charged $150 change fee and credited $671 for travel within the next 12 months (9 now).
As usual, I'm again looking for tickets but I still dont know when I'm going to be able to travel, my work schedule is very unpredictable.

The question is: If I go ahead and buy another refundable ticket, using this credit and of course, paying whatever the difference is, do I get a refund for the total amount of the ticket if by any chance I'm again unable to travel? Or they would only refund the fare difference? I'm not trying to get my money back, I'm sure I will use that credit anyway, I just want to make sure because I dont want them to say something like "since your first ticket was not refundable, you cannot get the money back, or have to -again- pay $150 plus whatever fees, etc, etc, etc, you get my point.

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RE: Refundable Ticket With A Non-refundable Credit

Sun Mar 29, 2009 1:25 pm

If you use the nonref credit to buy a refundable ticket the "non-refundable" amount will remain non-refundable. The airline will make a note in the system regarding a portion of the total fare was paid for with a non-refundable credit.

So, the difference between the total fare and the non-refundable amount will be refundable (if a refundable fare is booked) !
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RE: Refundable Ticket With A Non-refundable Credit

Sun Mar 29, 2009 6:30 pm

something similar happened to me, i used a non refund credit to buy another ticket (also non refundable), when i was unable to use that date also, i tried to use my new ticket as a credit, but they told me that since my original amount 300 or so was from over a year before, i wasn't able to use that amount, but fortunately, the agent at the airport was nice, and after spending 20 minutes on the phone with corporate, was able to release that amount which was older than a year for purchase.
i guess it just depends on the agent you ask and if they are in a charitable mood. and definitely go to the airport to ask these types of questions, they have a little more ability to change things than over the phone.

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