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Fed Up With (F)lying Blue?

Wed Apr 01, 2009 7:06 pm

On Flyertalk an initiative started to petition as many FB Elite members to protest the rule changes that came into effect today. Now the changes are here things turn out to be even worse than we thought. Add to that the complete failure of the IT department to publish correct prices for awards we think action should be taken.

I would therefore urge you to sign the petition that can be found at http://www.petitiononline.com/afklfb/petition.html

Please help us get to at least 2000! Thanks
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RE: Fed Up With (F)lying Blue?

Wed Apr 01, 2009 11:44 pm

Not being a FB Elite Member, I am out of the game here.
However, I have my doubts that such a petition will change anything.

Personally, after having read about the two (for me) most important changes in the FB-Terms, I can say that I have made my decision.
Once home from my current vacation in the U.S. I wil have enough miles to get a last Award Flight in Business Class to the U.S.
That Award Flight (exact timings depending on personal schedule) will be the last longhaul flight for me on the whole Sky Team (I know, that I will have to keep the expiration date of my miles in mind).
One more contributing factore, was he Business Class product I had on NW a few days ago between AMS and MEM, ranking between "average" to "slightly above average", but not more.

Meanwhile KL's longhaul Business-class fares out of Germany to the U.S. are no longer undercutting LH substancially (one execption is BOS, but this is a NW-destination), meaning they (KL) lost its attraction for me.
The situation at Schiphiol, with that secondary screening at the gate is a nuisance which I can circumvent by flying LH via FRA and MUC.
At least, this time priority was given to Business Class pax for passport check for the NW-flight ...
And when coming back, there will be that long queue at immigration / security check when chaning from non-Schengen to Schengen gate area ...
When it comes to flying to AMS (for business or private), there is no suitable alternative for me, so KL might end up getting at least some revenue from me, but longhaul they have lost me (and I was paying those fares on my own).

Plus timings of the flights between HAJ and AMS no longer suit my preference (and with cuts in the weekend, options are getting even worse).

[rant over], Case closed.
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