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2009 Flight Statistics

Tue Apr 28, 2009 8:54 am

So the year is 1/3 over and what are your stats? Mine are:

Miles - 47,418
Flights - 32
Airports - HUI (x16), HAN (x14), SGN (x12), ICN (x8), ATL (x6), CAN (x5), SAV (x2), DAD (x1)
Airlines - VN (x17), KE (x8), CZ (x5), DL (x2)
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RE: 2009 Flight Statistics

Tue Apr 28, 2009 11:44 pm

Miles- Unknown
Flights- 2
Airports- OMA, DCA
Airlines- YX/RW
Aircraft- EMB-170

Coming up-
DL- MCI-ATL 5/22
ATL-MCI 5/30

Got a pretty busy May ahead of me!
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RE: 2009 Flight Statistics

Wed Apr 29, 2009 12:57 am

So far for me:

Miles: 34,899
Flights: 32 (22x DL, 9x NW, 1x CO)
Airports: MSP (18x), SLC (12x), ORD (6x), CVG (6x), ATL (4x), LAS (4x), IAH (4x) MEM (2x), GSO (2x), BOS (2x), LHR (2x)

Flying MSP-MEM-ATL-FCO-ATL-MEM-MSP this weekend and MSP-CVG-LAS-MSP in a few weeks...that'll bring me to 50,571 miles on 41 flights by the end of May.

Well on my way to re-upping DL Platinum for next year too since I've had a good number of full Y and paid F fares this year.
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RE: 2009 Flight Statistics

Thu Apr 30, 2009 8:25 pm

Most of it during April, not much coming up again until June/July for me:

Miles: 9,656
Flights: 28
Airports: ARW x1, BBU x2, BGY x2, BRS x4, BZY x4, CLJ x2, CWL x1, DUB x2, GNB x2, Hartland Heliport x1, KBP x2, KIV x3, KEF x2, LCY x2, LGW x3, LHR x2, LTN x1, NQY x5, ODS x1, OTP x2, Perranporth Airfield x2, PLH x6, Trebrown Heliport x1, TSR x3.
Airlines: Aer Lingus x1, Air Southwest x8, Blue Air x1, Carpatair x3, Castle Air x1, FlyBe x1, Icelandair x2, Lugansk Airlines x1, MyAir x1, Perranporth Flying School x1, Ryanair x3, Tandem Aero/Grixona x3, TAROM x1, WizzAir x1.
Aircraft: A109 x1, A318-100 x1, A320-200 x1, A330-300 x1, An-24RV x1, B737-400 x1, B737-800 x3, B757-200W x2, CRJ900 x1, C172 x1, DHC8-300 x8, DHC8Q400 x1, F100 x1, Il-18D x3, S2000 x2.

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RE: 2009 Flight Statistics

Thu Apr 30, 2009 8:50 pm

Miles: 109,113
Flights: 55

20 different airports, 5 airlines, 12 aircraft types, 33 different airplanes, 11 countries, 34 different routes.


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