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Switching From SQ To DL In LAX, Enough Time?

Sat Aug 08, 2009 7:06 am

So my SQ flight from NRT is scheduled to arrive in LAX at 13.00, and I'm booked on the 14.30 LAX-ATL flight on DL. I was wondering if this should be enough time to clear customs with my bags and make it to the gate? Since DL and SQ I believe have a baggage agreement, I think I can check my bags straight through to my final destination (FLL), which means I can just drop the bags right after customs and head to the DL gate? Will I need to check in again, and if so can i do it at the gate, or since I guess I'll probably be switching terminals I'll have to go through security again after customs? I'm just a bit worried that I won't have enough time considering customs is always somewhat of a question mark, but I'm pretty sure thats the last flight out until late at night. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated, thanks much.
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RE: Switching From SQ To DL In LAX, Enough Time?

Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:10 am

Doable, but certainly could be tight.

Yes you can check your bags thru to FLL by SQ and can drop them off in the interline area after clearing customs.
You will indeed have to change terminals at LAX from TBIT to Delta's T-5. About a 5minute walk outside to the right. Unless of you have a boarding pass for your Delta flight you will not be allowed past security in T-5, so you will have to check-in in the lobby.

Good luck, and have a safe trip.
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