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Question Re: Flying W/an Infant On CRJs/ERJ's

Tue Aug 11, 2009 8:53 pm

I recently traveled with my 3 month old daughter from CVG to LGA and back. Ok, I'll admit it, she was great. Withstood a 2 hour ground stop at LGA w/o crying...she just slept. (OK, so I am pretty proud of being a first time what!!?)

Anyhoo, when we got to the gate the monitor said something about notifying the agent about having an infant in arms. (Seemed logical to me so they could account for her.) When I went up to the gate agent he took me and my wife's tickets and reassigned our seats. We were flying a CRJ900 and were informed that we could not sit on the left side (A,B) side of the plane b/c there was not an extra oxygen mask for an infant. This was news to me.

Where in the heck does one find these things out? I like to plan my trip and pick my seats. Unfortunately, it seems since DL has turned CVG into a a hub that only flies regional jets we will run into this issue more than not.

Are all RJ's/EJ's built this same way with the 3rd mask only on the right side? What other nuances are inherently different from "regular" planes to "regional" jets.

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RE: Question Re: Flying W/an Infant On CRJs/ERJ's

Tue Aug 11, 2009 9:44 pm

Not all rows (or 'sides' of the aircraft) have an extra oxygen mask, even on mainline jets. It depends on the airline among who knows how many things.

With one charter airline I'm familiar with, most of their 757s have an extra oxygen mask with the "ABC" seats, not "DEF". But at least one 757 had extra mask in each row on both sides of the plane.

On their A320s, some had an extra mask in every row, while some alternated ABC for even number rows and DEF for odd number rows. And some aircraft had even whackier patterns where they just listed which rows have them on their internal company seating charts.
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RE: Question Re: Flying W/an Infant On CRJs/ERJ's

Tue Aug 11, 2009 10:48 pm

Most airlines especially DL and UA ask at the time of booking if you have infant in arms so the system can try to seat you where there is extra oxygen masks. Most people don't know why but that is the reason, at least on domestic flights. On international flights they have to be added to the manifest.

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