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DL's ATL Sky Club...

Wed Aug 26, 2009 1:10 am

I'm flying DL OKC-ATL-RIC tomorrow (FINALLY done with ATC training) and I've got almost a 3 hour layover and was thinking about checking out a Sky Club in ATL and didn't know if there were any that were better than others. I know when I had a RCC with UA there were certain clubs I just didn't go in and wanted to get a heads up about ATL. Also do they allow pets in? While I was out here I got my wife a little rat dog and I'll be carrying her with me. Thanks for the info!
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RE: DL's ATL Sky Club...

Wed Aug 26, 2009 1:51 am

No idea about pets.

Avoid the B10 club at all costs - I refuse to go in that club unless I have 10 minutes in between getting off my inbound and going to my outbound and both flights are leaving out of Low-B. Otherwise, I go elsewhere.

The C club and E16 are probably the two best clubs. E16 puts out some light hors d'oeuvres in the afternoon around 4 p.m. I think E15 does as well. T, A, B and C do not.

My order of preference (and reasons) below:

E16 - great view of the tarmac, there's often a 777 sitting right in front of you. Lots of room and the snacks.
C - smaller club, but still a good bit of room, very open, has some nice work areas. The newest club at ATL (about 3-4 years old)
A Centerpoint - it's a little hidden (compared to the main A17 club), but has some nice views of the A Concourse and plenty of places to spread out.
T7 - the former International First Class lounge. Not too crowded since there's only 8 gates on A. Putting green available. Not a bad lounge.
E15 - has showers, which are nice. Smaller club, often they redirect people to the much larger E16. Not much for views.
A17 - big club, but can get crowded. Does the job, but not great when crowded.
B25 - mid-sized club that can get crowded. Not too bad.
Waiting at the gate is next (unless desperate for a beer and email)
B10 - worst club in the Delta system. Way too small, way too cramped, no beers of tap. Bottlenecks at the opening (just no room to check-in there). Many CRC members absolutely hate this lounge.

Have not been to the AA Lounge, but the CO lounge is pretty nice. Not too crowded, good snacks, great service. I'm gonna miss that lounge when CO and DL are no longer partners.
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RE: DL's ATL Sky Club...

Wed Aug 26, 2009 1:56 am

Awesome thanks for the great info...I'll give E16 a try.

It's funny how you say B10 is the worst...according to the website thats the gate my RIC flight goes out of...hahaha

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