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J Product On SQ's 3 Class 772 And 773 (non ER)?

Tue Oct 27, 2009 9:10 am

I know that SQ have been retrofitting some of their older 777 fleet with more up to date J products, but how far have they gone?

I maybe flying SQ from SIN to PVG on 12th Nov and return on 16th Nov, and I really want to know what J product to expect. If it's the Spacebed, then I'm more than happy. However, if it's the old cradle seats, my decision will be more difficult (ie save my company a couple of thousand dollars, or take the more comfortable and direct option with QF or VS/KA)

The GDS says the flights are on 772 both ways, and looking at the availability it's the 3 class version.....


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