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Prestige Of International Airports

Thu Oct 29, 2009 5:30 am

I was just thinking about how some airports are much more prestigious than others, and wondering if this affects the way people think and feel about travel. For example, do you feel different on an LHR-JFK leg than on an LHR-ATL leg because of the prestige and famous history of JFK (and of LHR-JFK service at that)?

I live in DC now, and although I also love Dulles, I sometimes feel that flying IAD-LHR/CDG/AMS/BRU/FCO, etc just would not be the same as JFK-LHR/CDG etc etc. When I fly from JFK to Europe, I feel like I am part of something special and re-living history, as silly as that sounds.

Am I just being crazy, or do other people know what I am getting at?
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RE: Prestige Of International Airports

Thu Oct 29, 2009 6:24 am

I know what you mean. Flying a flight like JFK-LHR or NRT-SYD instead of RDU-LHR. Some airports do have a little bit more prestige than others but I think it also is about how the terminal is, modern or old. Would you be flying a larger plane out of the other airport, are there more busisness passengers on another flight etc..
I think it feels a little more prestiges to fly MIA-LHR than MCO-LHR but really I will enjoy any long international flight.

I do not know exactly what you mean but since almost all my long international flights have left from large historical international gateways like MIA,JFK,LAX,SYD I have never really had a feeling of it would be cooler to fly out of I have never flown out of RDU or MSP on a long flight like that. But I do understand what you are saying. However I also think that is would sometimes be more fun to fly RDU-LHR instead of JFK-LHR or RSW-DUS instead of MIA-DUS.
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