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Windowless Window Seats On AF A380?

Fri Dec 11, 2009 4:48 pm

I know its unlikey many people here have flown this aircraft yet, I'll be on her next week. Are there any windowless window seats (seats that are by the window but you get there and its just a wall) on the Air France A380? I checked seatguru.com and nothing showed up. but maybe it hasn't been updated yet...?
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RE: Windowless Window Seats On AF A380?

Fri Dec 11, 2009 5:15 pm

"Seatexpert.com" is also a great aircraft layout website but they do not have the AF A380 listed as yet. They always note seats without a window with a red mark on the fuselage location of the seat so even without dynamic comments about a specific row, you can determine that seat may not have a window.
Taking into account that layouts on the A380 can obviously differ between airlines, the A380 layouts of EK and QF do not denote rows without windows, particularly on the lower deck. Upper deck business class seats on QF note a couple rows with "obstructed" or limited views due to window/porthole placement. When I think of obstructed views and portholes I think of a cruise ship; however, this information would still be helpful to someone looking for the best seats.
So you're likely going to have a window with a view; however, it appears from trip reports that the A380 wing is so massive it restricts a ground view unless you're forward of the engines or beyond the trailing edge.
I personally wouldn't care. I'll look at anything/everything as long as I have a window!
I remember how excited I was riding my first 747, and topped only by my trip years later on the Concorde. I hope you enjoy your trip on this marvelous new airplane, and suck up all the "info" you can to share with us when you're back. You'll be able to answer someone's question as an A380 expert.
Enjoy the ride!
watch what you want. you may get it.

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