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SQ And OZ 777 Fleet Questions

Tue Jan 05, 2010 4:44 am


May I please ask for someone's help about the 777 fleets of SQ and OZ? I am looking to book a trip to Asia this coming fall with my United MP miles, and my itinerary includes some flights on 777s of SQ and OZ. I am to fly OZ from LAX-ICN on the evening flight and I noticed on Asiana's website that they are in the process of upgrading the business class cabins of their 772ERs. I was wondering if someone knows how many of their fleet (website says that they have 9 total 772s) have been upgraded with the new interior and what the estimated completion date is for their fleet? Do they fly them on certain routes as UA did during their reconfig. or if they are just randomly assigned? Also, does anyone have any opinions on the new seats? I saw a couple of photos on here and they appear to be very similar to SQ's old Spacepods.

I would also like to inquire about SQ's 777s. I am connecting to SQ and flying them from ICNSIN on a 772 and later from SINHKG also on a 772. It seems that they won't open up the 380 or 77W flights on SINHKG. Does anyone know if they tend to do this later on? I saw on their website that they don't allow Saver Awards to book in C class on the 77W, 345, and 380, so I figure that my chances of getting on the nonstop LAX-SIN or SQ1 are pretty much nil. Anyone know if they do otherwise or if there is any way to get on one of those flights instead? Anyway, does anyone know which types of 777s they use for each of those routes? I assume that SINHKG will be the regional product, but I am hopeful that the ICNSIN route will be the Spacepods. However, I think that they only have 15 777s outfitted with these seats, so this might be wishful thinking as well. Does anyone have any information?

Thank you all in advance for any information.
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RE: SQ And OZ 777 Fleet Questions

Tue Jan 05, 2010 5:37 am

I'll tell you what I know coz I've flown both extensively. All of OZ's 777 but one have a spacebed-like J-class seat which is pretty decent actually. This is as of about a year ago so a lot could have changed by then. I just flew one ICN-LAX a couple of months ago and their service is superb. As for SQ's 772's, not sure what you'll get ICN-SIN but I am willing to guess it'll be the regional product which isn't nothing to write home about but very comfortable. They do occasionally open award seats on the 77W from SFO because that's all they fly from there but they're hard to come by from what I heard. If I were you, I'd have tried to get J on SQ from SFO instead of LAX but you probably already tried that. I have a lot of pics on both SQ and OZ products in J so send me a PM if interested  Smile

Enjoy, they are both superb airlines and try the Lobster Thermador (sp) on SQ using book a chef, it's awesome  Smile
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