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Any Bookingportal Showing Rates And Miles?

Sat Jan 16, 2010 7:09 pm

I'm again facing the same problems by searching for flight options for my next trip from PVG to Europe. By traveling approx 6 times a year mostly to DUS or FRA of course earning miles and status are essential for me, especially to get upgrades as otherwise being always stucked in economy.... Being 3000 miles short of EK Gold, having CX silver and damned still nothing on LH (missed it by 500 miles ;-( I would like to find the best deal by getting status & miles vs the rate .... but neither opodo or expedia or others I know are showing the miles or booking class and even some airlines don't e.g AY don't show it at the booking screen - so having the risk of earning nothing because of a very special deal- okay if I would read all the terms & conditions showing somewhere on their pages I surly could find it - but isn't there any webpage out there which could make that easier ?

PS travel agent, especially here in China are not much help either (at least the one my company is using) they seam to have more own preferences....

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RE: Any Bookingportal Showing Rates And Miles?

Sat Jan 16, 2010 10:46 pm

You can see the miles for your routing by using Great Circle Mapper I just checked with a UA reservation I have and the miles credited are the same amount as shown on GCM, so I guess it's the same rule at least for other Star Alliance members. As for the booking classes I'd also like to find a website showing the information...
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