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A Way To Track A Specefic Fare Class On DL?

Mon Jan 18, 2010 6:17 pm

Hey everyone. I have a bit of an unusual question for you all. I am planning a trip to Thailand for next November as some of you may have read from my posts. Here is the deal. I am DL gold member and I want to be able to use my miles for an upgrade for 2 people. I want to buy a M class fare. The full Y and the Biz fares are to high to make it worth it for me. Right now the M is going for about 2600. JFK-NRT-BKK and back. I was hoping that there might be a website out there that I could put in a specific itinerary and a specific fare class and have it track the fare for me. Even perhaps setting a notice when and if it hits a price that I will pay. Is there such a thing?
All the regular booking sites will only track Economy or First/Biz without looking at the booking class.

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