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DC Area To Europe Advice For July 2010

Fri Jan 29, 2010 12:41 am

Hi all,

I am an avid fan of Although, I don't work for the travel industry, I work for a company that sends me to mostly latin america and asia/pacific almost every month. I have to say that I absolutely adore traveling and getting places.

With that, I know that lots of people that work for airlines reservations/travel agents frequent this site. I need some advice on some tips for finding low airfares to Europe from DC area in July 2010.

The reason for this is because I am attending a wedding in Dublin on July 17th, but would like to possibly spend a week in Paris or Rome before or after. Somewhere warmer, touristy, etc as I have only been to London and would like to start getting to know Europe. I am complete lost in what good fares are for Europe in the Summer or what would be good sites, airlines, days of week, time of day to book, etc.

Please please help, any tips will be welcomed.


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RE: DC Area To Europe Advice For July 2010

Fri Jan 29, 2010 1:08 am

Kayak is a good site that price compares most other booking sites.
For intra-Europe, use the same one, but also Ryanair have some very good deals occasionally - don't be fooled by their headline fares, make some dummy bookings to see what you'll actually pay including all fees, baggage etc as well. Aer Lingus also have some giid fares for DUB to Europe if you book in advance. Also, there can be good deals on long-distance sleeper trains in Europe too, that can rival LCC fares - I recently had a berth in a sleeper from Rome to Paris for EUR26... Check seat61 website for advice on trains  

Have a good trip!

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