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What's With US Shuttle's Online Check-in?

Thu Feb 11, 2010 11:27 pm

The last few times I've flown the US Airways Shuttle, I've had issues checking in online and choosing seats. I'm sure it's probably a policy change I missed somewhere along the way, but could someone explain why the following is happening?

-I just checked in for my Shuttle flight tomorrow and chose the $50 upgrade option. Once I paid for the upgrade, it assigned me a bulkhead seat in First, but wouldn't let me change to a different seat. (This has happened to me before.)
-This has also happened to me the last few times I've flown the Shuttle in coach. I've checked in online to get a seat assignment, it's given me a seat assignment, but then I couldn't make a change until I got to the airport.

This doesn't totally defeat the purpose of checking in online, but it was a big reason why I did it -- to get the seat I wanted ahead of time. Any insight anyone has would be really helpful -- thanks!
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RE: What's With US Shuttle's Online Check-in?

Thu Feb 11, 2010 11:30 pm

I had no issues today choosing a seat at OLCI for my US Airways Shuttle ticket that I booked at the last minute. Booked the ticket, went to check-in right afterwards and was able to choose 6C for the BOS-LGA flight - first open coach aisle seat in the front of the aircraft, which is what I normally go for on a short flight like that.

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