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Which Airline For Domestic Israel? Dash7 Possible?

Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:57 pm

Hi All!

I will be taking a domestic flight in Israel, Elat to Tel Aviv, around May 27 (+/- 2 days). I see there are 2 domestic airlines on the route, Arkia and Israir. Prices are about the same, so I'd like to hear some opinions which airline I should fly with. In the photo database I saw some Dash 7 photos of both airlines, I would LOVE to fly on a Dash 7. Any chance one of these 2 airlines would fly a Dash 7 on this route? I'd consider taking another flight to Haifa if it gives me another chance for the Dash 7.
Other than that, I'd prefer the ATR42 or the 757 over any 737 they might have on the route.

Any info highly appreciated!

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