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Advice On A Connection Problem And Consequences

Sun Feb 14, 2010 1:49 am

Hi All,

I was scheduled to fly out of JFK to GIG thru MIA on Feb/12, due to the lack of a non-stop flight and i wanted to get into Rio before noon as i had some interesting activities on Rio's carnaval during saturday night.

Unfortunatelly, i'm still at MIA, scheduled to travel from MIA to GIG only today Feb 13.

What happen :

1- AA613 service from MIA to JFK, with ETD at 6:15 due to an unexpected technical problem, only departed at 10:15
2- AA905 even delayed, departed 0:43, just a few minutes before AA613 landed at MIA, my flight AA905 was protected for the next day. Rebook on AA950 was not possible as the leg to GIG was full on F and C. If they downgrade me to Y, my bag wouldn't come with me, and i would not have clothes, and had to be near my house to receive the bag sunday night !
3- Flight crew sends us to a Rebooking Center without any employee
4- After 15-20 minutes, i called ExecPlat Desk to check my options; they are not authorized to allow passengers to go to a hotel
5- After another passenger locate another Rebooking Center , i went to the counter, and had to wait almost 1 hour on the line
6- No hotel available.... Even no voucher for food neither nothing.... of course no hotel means no taxi.
7- Found a hotel... at 4 AM ... costed me ..... dollars, plus taxi...

Opinions please... of course my first choice is send a very nice (really nice) letter to AA but sometimes to be so nice represents that you're not so upset and then they come with 10,000 / 20,000 points... i don't want that !

By the way:

- Check-in on time
- Bag OK
- Ticket: First/Business class
- AAdvantage: ExecPlat with 150,000 miles during the past 13 months
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RE: Advice On A Connection Problem And Consequence

Wed Feb 24, 2010 3:57 am

Hey Lipe....sorry to hear about that.

I definitely would write a nice letter to them very soon, preferably before you have to book a ticket with them again. And make sure to point out:

-The plane went tech, therefore its the airline full responsibility to reimburse expenses
-You expect to get reimbursed for hotel and meals in dollars (not miles, vouchers, etc)
-You won't be satisfied with the standard 10-20K miles as compensation for your troubles; maybe saying that miles aren't much of a fair compensation at all since they cost the airline virtually nothing.
-At this point you're willing to go far out of your way to avoid flying AA, as loyalty to them does not get you much when it really counts. If its credible in your case, mention you have a lot of other airline options on the routes you fly (ie. USA-Brazil).

In any case, good luck. I fly AA about the same amount in annual mileage (& about 50 segments/ year), and am always crossing my fingers something like that does not happen (especially on tight connections, last flight of the day, etc). Because I know when it does AA is quite adept at making things even worse. And those AA Exp "angels" on the phone are powerless for a lot of critical things.

By the way, how was carnaval in Rio this year? Have yet to be there for it - hopefully will get to go one of these years. I've been to Salvador for carnaval now twice. The first time I needed like 3 weeks to fully recover, and this time I'm estimating a month might do the trick!

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