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Domestic Flights In Turkey - Ideas?

Thu Mar 04, 2010 3:59 am

Hi all

My girlfriend and I are travelling through Turkey in early April, and after my girlfriend heads off I have one spare day where I was hoping to indulge in my flying passion...

Anyway, as part of our holiday we will be flying Turkish Airlines, Anadolujet and Pegasus, so I was hoping to try a couple of other local airlines.

My thoughts were doing a triangle Istanbul-Izmir-Antalya-Istanbul on Onur Air / Sun Express / Atlasjet. The idea is to go on new airlines, at a cheap price and hopefully a mix of aircraft types.

One option is
OHY 50 Istanbul-Izmir 0645-0745 - aircraft type???
XQ 9291 Izmir-Antalya 1010-1110 - 737-800
KK 15 Antalya-Istanbul 1700-1805 - 757-200

I couldn't find any information on what aircraft type Onur uses on their domestic flights (I would hope the MD-80!). Is there anywhere I can find the information on Onur Air flights? I can reverse the Onur Air and Atlasjet flights if the plane selection is better too.

Does anyone else have any good suggestions on what flights I could take or other more interesting options in terms of airlines and aircraft? I think most other airlines only do charter routes to Europe. The day I am flying is Tuesday 13 April.

Any help appreciated!!
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RE: Domestic Flights In Turkey - Ideas?

Fri Mar 05, 2010 12:24 am

Looks good to me, I mean your triangle.
Onur is getting rid of MDs, so good luck on that one. Either MD or 320. You might try IzAir maybe. I had two flights with them and liked them. Atlasjet and Pegasus are good also.
One exotic new comer to the Turkish market is Borajet. They got 3 ATRs to fly between smaller city pairs. (Only prop operating company in Turkey) I am not sure when they will start to fly but by April they should.

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