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Cabin Crew Staff Travel

Wed Apr 07, 2010 12:10 am

Hi Everyone,

I would very much appreciate any information with regards to how much cabin crew pay for staff travel within the industry, I know this varies from airline to airline.

In particularly, I would like to hear about the following airlines:

British Airways
Virgin Atlantic
Air France/KLM
Aer Lingus

Any other airlines would also be of interest too! Do any airlines offer totally free travel to their cabin crew staff??? Also, is it possible to fly on staff travel with other airlines other than your own???

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RE: Cabin Crew Staff Travel

Wed Apr 07, 2010 3:10 pm

Quoting BAfan (Thread starter):
Do any airlines offer totally free travel to their cabin crew staff???

I think a good few years ago Virgin Atlantic crew could get 7 free sectors, being 7 meant that either a flight out or return could be "worked", I think it was quite clever, plus friends and family could be given free flights (though of course it comes out of the crewmember's allowance). I don't know the intricacies of how it works and if it still continues though.

As for the other airlines, a previous carrier I worked for had an agreement with all of the above (minus Ryanair) for discounted travel, it was years ago and unfortunatly I can no longer remember the specifics however a lot of airlines have agreements with other carriers for discounted travel, even the worst of great rivals.

The same carrier used to do a great deal on staff holidays (though I believe that was wiped out after the merger with tui), basically you ring up 3 days before you are due to leave and name 4 places you want to go to, they will tell you anywhere that's available and if any are on your "list" they will let you know, the prices were insane like 5* hotel in the Maldives was around £50 per person, per night or a simple accommodation in spain was as little as £5 PPPN, making the actual flight costs really cheap. They did a few good ones on flight only where the flight price was in some cases 70%+ off and in the odd case only a few pounds more than taxes, just because it was booked within 3 days to departure.

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