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Cathay Pacific Cadet Pilot Questions! I Need Help!

Fri Apr 09, 2010 5:35 am

Hello my Airnetters! Any who I have some questions. I currently have gained admission to Embry-Riddle starting in the fall of 2010 but as I was talking to my aunt today who is a former DELTA Flight Attendant, she brought up the Cathay Pacific Cadet Pilot Training Program. Right after we talked I went online and applied right then and there. I do have a few questions though about the program and it would be greatly appreciated if someone who has knowledge about this program could answer it. Thank you again guys!

1.) How many times do they do their interviews a year? I got an email saying they will contact me the next set of interviews they have if they are interested in what they see.

2.) How competitive and hard is it to get into the program? Do they receive many applications a year and how many do they take on at a time?

3.) How long does the program last?

4.) Do they tend to take on any Americans with no fluency what so ever in Chinese?

These are my questions, thanks guys for your support in answering these questions, it is very appreciated.

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RE: Cathay Pacific Cadet Pilot Questions! I Need H

Fri Apr 09, 2010 2:14 pm

It's all probably covered here


Fragrant Harbour Wannabes A forum for those applying to Cathay Pacific, Dragonair or any other Hong Kong based airline or operator. Use this area for both Direct Entry Pilot and Cadet-scheme queries

And not speaking Chinese isn't an issue 'cos the language of the air is English.
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