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$781RT PHL-FCO October Buy Or Wait?

Wed Apr 14, 2010 3:22 am

Looking for my parents on there trip to rome on a cruise. Will be there from Oct 6th to October 22nd. They want a non-stop and USAirways has one for $781RT All in. Is this a good fare? Should I tell them to wait or buy now? I can also do CO EWR-FCO. Also what about USAirways economy service vs CO? CO is on a 767 and US is a A330.
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RE: $781RT PHL-FCO October Buy Or Wait?

Wed Apr 14, 2010 12:53 pm

October is still a strong month for travel to Italy - the weather is very pleasant - so I suspect fares will hold strong. The fares in effect now for these dates in October are very good; fares to Europe range upward to $1000 for some September travel dates. I recommend buying now. Both carriers offer the "lower fare" guarantee if you find it later on.
CO from EWR prices at $871 Y and US from PHL is $782. Is CO service worth the extra $89 per ticket price? It appears you are conveniently located to either EWR or PHL. Either city/airport have an advantage for travel time from home, parking options etc? Involved with a particular frequent flyer program?
I would suspect public opinion on this forum would recommend CO. Schedules are comparable - US offers a later morning departure from FCO that is more convenient - and both aircraft are comparable. CO offers a decent meal with alcohol for purchase and in-seat entertainment. We can debate all day about Y food but if the entertainment feature is really important, I feel CO would have the better service. Service on the US A330 is acceptable for the most part, but overall travel experience can be hit or miss.
I hope your parents are at least staying in Rome overnight coming and going to/from the ship. That $178 savings can go towards that hotel expense, a shore excursion off the ship or a cocktail each night at dinner. It also can be viewed as pennies when you consider the cost of a trip or cruise to Europe to start with.
I probably haven't helped you specifically make a decision. You know your parents likes and dislikes so regardless make a decision that overall helps them have a great trip from start to finish. I hope CO or US does not disappoint - you or them.
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RE: $781RT PHL-FCO October Buy Or Wait?

Thu Apr 15, 2010 2:56 am

Go with the CO option. I am sure the 764 on CO is way better than the 762 or A33% of US. Plus, the service on CO is awesome. As a DL elite, I really miss having CO on my team.....Otherwise, I agree, the price is good and worth booking at this point. If you are worried the price may drop a lot, then you can buy insurance. If you see the price drop dramatically, you can cancel the ticket at no further cost and then book the new fare.
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RE: $781RT PHL-FCO October Buy Or Wait?

Thu Apr 15, 2010 10:13 pm

CO's 764s has the basic personal tv (6 or 7 channels) whereas US's 330s has AVOD.

CO's coach seats have an extra inch (legroom and width)
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