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Stranded Ash Travellers Help Thread

Sun Apr 18, 2010 12:54 am

As many stranded travellers asked for tips and advice, I though maybe we could help them with a "consultancy thread" offering advice on how to find alternative arrangements.

For trains, try

For buses, try www,

Any specific questions welcome, hopefully we can help our stranded friends out, in case of requests like this:

Quoting flymia (Reply 272):
I got into MUC Friday afternoon at 1pm. Now it looks like I will be stuck for a while I'm trying to get into BCN. I was thinking of just renting a car but it cost 1500 euro!! Is this a normal price to drive a car from mud to bcn?? It's a amess already people are running around hotels trying to figure out travel plans. I'm planning on flying bcn-lhr-MIA in two weeks if this continues I'm going to try to change it to MAD-MIA or BCN-MIA
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