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Missing Miles And CO Saga!

Sun May 30, 2010 4:16 pm

I have been a CO faithful for years and so recently booked and purchased my itinerary for trip to DXB on CO website.
Here were the scheduled flights:



After a few days, my account was credited for only few segments of the trip.
EWR-IAD on the outbound and LHR-IAD on the return!
So I contacted CO One Pass center via, and sent them all of the boarding passes. After about a week, I got credit for LHR-IAD segment. But was still missing IAD-DXB on UA and DXB-LHR on EK!
So I contacted CO again, and check out the response email I got from them:

"Dear Mr. XXXXXX:

Thank you for contacting the OnePass Service Center.

Our records do not indicate that you took the remaining scheduled flights. Do you recall a schedule change? Please provide the city pairs, dates of travel and flight numbers for the missing flown travel.


Xxxx Xxxx
OnePass Service Center"

Now I am totally confused    ! How can an airline NOT have records of its passengers (less than a month old)? And I find it strange that after they had received my boarding passes, they credited a segment, yet they send me a response telling me that I don't show up on their records! BTW, I didn't make any changes and in fact, all flights were on time! All flights were CO and/or code share with 100% mileage due. I understand partner airlines may take time posting miles, but CO has recieved my boarding passes and claims I am not on the records!

Any thoughts on this or do you know if I have any options?

It is rather disappointing to receive such response from CO!


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