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Aircraft Type ID - DL SFO-ATL, Summer 1992

Sat Jun 05, 2010 11:02 pm

I was wondering, could anyone identify what aircraft that I flew on on SFO-ATL in the summer of 1992? I remember that it was one leg of a trip from HNL to SJU. I believe it was an overnight flight. One thing that I vaguely remember is that it had symbol-based No Smoking/Fasten Seat Belt signs, rather than text based (my other two flights - HNL-SFO and ATL-SJU, had text-based signs and were most likely L-1011s). However, I cannot remember if this aircraft was a widebody or a narrowbody.

Some possibilites could be a 752, 762, or 763. Could anyone figure it out for me?
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