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BA Reg Question.

Wed Jun 23, 2010 3:11 am

Can anyone tell me what frame is down to do Speedbird 12 SINLHR on 13th August? I'm interested to know if its one of the grand old ladies, as I'd like to get on one before they go.

I know its a 744, but am concerned it might get downgraded to a 772 on the day which would be a huge PITA for a 14 hr night flight as AVOD is a biggy for me I'm afraid.

Not flown BA long-haul for a while (not since 2008) and will be doing a trip report comparing it to Emirates, Singapore and Qatar, all of whom I've done Singapore - London with this year. Last long-haul flight I took with them was absolutely crap (DXB-LHR, 772A, non-AVOD, no food, rude/non-existent service and seats that reclined right into my face so that the four inch screen was completely unwatchable) and I've got my fingers crossed that this flight will be better. God i hope so.

I'm moving house the day I arrive, so having had a crap flight and landing at 5am thoroughly hacked off with our nation's glorious flag carrier would not be ideal. I'll be coming back to the UK to live, having spent a year living in Singapore.

I'm actually considering using my miles to upgrade the flight, which is something I almost never do. If its old CW then its not worth it, but if its new CW then it might not be a bad idea. WTP a waste of miles/money as to my mind there's no meaningful difference to WT.
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RE: BA Reg Question.

Wed Jun 23, 2010 3:39 am

Quoting CHRISBA777ER (Thread starter):
Can anyone tell me what frame is down to do Speedbird 12 SINLHR on 13th August?

You are kidding right? They dont plan which frame will operate the flight till only a couple of days ahead of departure, and even then it can change.
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