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Eco Premium Seats W/ Eco Ticket On FI?

Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:02 pm

Hi There,

I've booked a passenger from JFK to CDG via KEF on FI tomorrow.
Both segments are operated with 75W aircraft. As far as I know this aircraft has Saga Class/Eco Premium/classic eco.

On the seatmap of JFK-KEF I can only select Eco seats, which makes sense since I've booked economy class for the passenger.

However on KEF-CDG Row 5, 6 and 7 show a 2-2 seating (those are the rows which don't show up on the JFK-KEF seatmap). I was able to select one of those seats and FI confirmed it as HK in Amadeus. My first thought was that Premium Economy is not offered on KEF-CDG and therefore those seats are available to any eco passenger. I do understand this will be regular eco service, but still you get a nicer seat.

I saw the same for 767 flights on AA i.e. from MIA to ORD (or JFK, not sure anymore), where the first rows had a better seating as well.

Am I correct with my asumptions?

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