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Interline Connection At LAX; AA To AS

Fri Jul 02, 2010 1:50 pm

In August I'll be flying via LAX for the first time, and I want to learn a little bit more about the airport.

1) I understand I can walk the entire way from Terminal 4 to Terminal 3, and vice versa. Is there any more creative ways I could get there?

2) My bag will go directly from American to Alaska, correct?

3) Where is the observation deck at? I'll have 3 hours to get off my AA flight and make it to my AS flight. Will I have enough time with LAX security?

4) I've made a list of different airlines that I'm planning on seeing and checking off at LAX. Can't wait to see Air Tahiti Nui as well as Air Pacific!   

This trip is going to be my first time to LAX, SEA, fly the 763, 734, as well as fly Alaska Airlines. I'm pretty excited!
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