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Can I Transfer Miles From Asiana Club To United?

Fri Aug 27, 2010 2:32 pm


I just flew from JFK-ICN-MNL-ICN-JFK on OZ, before I traveled I signed up for OZ's Asiana Club but later decided to move to United's Mileage Plus. When I checked in at JFK, I gave the agent my UA number and I got 5,966 miles (75% on JFK-ICN-MNL) However, on the return flight, the agent in MNL typed in the wrong frequent flyer number, instead of my UA Mileage Plus, she typed in my OZ club. I didn't notice it until I was at the gate so I didn't have the chance to tell her to change it. Anyways, I also got 5,900+ miles on my OZ account, however, I wanted it to go to my UA account since I'm not gonna use my OZ club, is there any way that the miles from my OZ account will be transferred to my UA account?? If so, how? is it free? or is there a service charge or something? thanks.
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