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Buenos Aires Aeroparque Airport (AEP)

Fri Sep 24, 2010 2:59 pm

I was just wondering if anyone knows if the go ahead with all flights are switching from AEP to EZE on 20OCT? I have flights booked from SCL to IGR via AEP with LA but no info yet on change of airport. In fact they are still selling flights into and out of AEP. Just a bit concerned that they will meddle with the times and missed connections or long delays. I'm sure it will be ok connecting in EZE. I also wanted to know if that means I will have to pay the reciprocity tax as now arriving into EZE on an international flight although transiting in BUE to get to IGR?  

On a side note, do AC biz pax get to use UA lounge in EZE? I wasn't sure as the opening times for the lounge open too late for AC pax and departing at same time lounge opens.  

Thanks for any advice in advance.


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