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UA P.S. Service Between SFO/LAX-JFK

Tue Oct 12, 2010 2:03 am

UA offers a three class cabin, F, C, Y+ seats on a 757 between SFO/LAX-JFK. Is traveling in C class similar as on International UA flights?. I'm in the understanding that meals are also serviced in First/Business class. Does anyone have any experienced Business Class on UA P.S ?
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UA P.S. Service Between SFO/LAX-JFK

Tue Oct 12, 2010 3:09 am

Yes have plenty of experience on p.s., having commuted almost weekly between NY and LA for 5 odd years.

Product wise United really hit a home run with p.s. For the business seats, they are exactly the same as UA's previous international business class product with 54 inch pitch(even more in row 9), not the new lie-flat IPTE product. F class features a sleeper seat which is identical to the Singapore Airlines spacebed.

Yes meal are served in F and C class dependent on time of day. If its a red-eye its pretty minimal being often a cheese and cracker snack tray, but otherwise its a full meal, and sometimes even a 2nd service prior to landing(brunch flights).
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UA P.S. Service Between SFO/LAX-JFK

Wed Oct 13, 2010 1:28 am

I have traveled twice on a United P.S. Flight both in F and C. For Business class the food was decent, I got an appetizer and the BBQ chicken which was good. After lunch of dinner, you also get a bowl of ice cream with some toppings, which is nice for a domestic flight. The two times I was on one, channel 9 was on. Each C and F passenger gets their own touch screen PTV (something likes that) that has games, music, TV shows, and Movies on it. If you not able to get row 9, I would go for 6D, a little extra legroom, 3 windows to yourself, and easy access to the aisle, no one reclining on you, the engine is right by your window but it doesn’t really block your view, bulkhead TV is right in front of you, and if they take orders from front to back you will be either be the first or one of the first to get your meal choice and also get served it. There is not really a down side to the seat except it’s a bulkhead, which is not really a big deal. On the plane there is also WIFI which is cool to have. Sleeping is also not that much of a problem, the seats recline quite a bit, an almost flat recliner, and you get a pillow and a really comfy blanket. The seat also includes, a reading lap and a power port, which if you’re using the PTV it most likely will have to be plugged in. Ask me if you want to know anything else about either F or C.
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