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Connection Times At YYC

Sat Oct 16, 2010 3:08 am

Ok guys, as an airline employee, I have various ways of finding out this info, but notice, I get more detailed info on here, than most travel guides and forums. I am making a connection in YYC from CO to AC and reverse coming back. As a non-rev I will have to swing by the counter in both directions at YYC, (if I cant check-in online). I know I hit customs in both directions as well, what I need to know, is how much time do I allow in each direction. Im sure youre thinking, why doesnt he take the non-stop. Well going up it gets in at midnite, too late. And coming back its filling up (on a tuesday of all things), so I am looking at options. Anyone out there who can help me out, would appreciate it much.
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