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Renting Aircraft In Florida

Sun Oct 24, 2010 2:22 am

Hello A.netters

I just got my FAA airman certification conversion from my TC License so I can fly US registered aircraft in the USA; so excited!! But I do have a question. In December, I'm going to be in the Panama City Beach, Florida area for about 2 weeks around Christmas and I'm looking into renting either a C152 or C172 to do some amazing sightseeing with my friends and family along the coast.

I've started some internet research but have not had much success finding Flight schools or FBO's in that area of Florida that rent aircraft (C152/C172). One reason for this is because KECP was just built and a lot of these flights schools moved to that new base from the old KPFN but I just can't find much information.

I found 2 Flight Schools/FBO's in Destin (Miracle Strip Aviation and Destin Jet), Florida (about 40 miles west of KECP) and thats dandy but I would like to know of there are any flight schools or aircraft rental outlets closer to Panama City itself; ideally at KECP.

Also, if the two FBO's listed above are the only aircraft rental outlet in that area of Florida, can anyone comment as to the quality of each and which one is better. I know that Miracle's rental rate for the C152 is 80$/hour and Destin Jet's C172 rate is 85$/hour. I'm leaning towards Destin Jet but I would (a) really like to find an FBO/aircraft rental outlet nearer to ECP and (b) would like to know the quality of the two FBO's at Destin.

Thanks in advance.
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