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Need Flight Advice For BUF-SEA-MCI-BWi-BUF

Tue Oct 26, 2010 9:26 pm

Hello everyone,

This summer my family will be travelling to a few US cities. Our current routing is as stated in the topic: BUF-SEA-MCI-BWI-BUF.

The tentative dates I have are: August 18 BUF-SEA, August 21 SEA-MCI, August 24 MCI-BWI, August 27 BWI-BUF.

Now, I know WN does most if not all of these flights but they can't be booked for a while. But for those of you that know airline routings well, who do you suggest? My family wants to avoid connections (not my choice). The budget is $2600 Canadian dollars. Connections are however okay if they mean a lower ticket price, but don't affect the travel time significantly.

Second question: Do you know when WN will be bookable for th dates above?

thanks for your help,

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RE: Need Flight Advice For BUF-SEA-MCI-BWi-BUF

Wed Oct 27, 2010 4:46 am

WN doesn't fly BUF-SEA nonstop (though there are a pair of flights that stop in MDW in June; whether those will stay the same in August is beyond me, though.) any only flies SEA-MCI seasonally. They do fly PDX-MCI year-round, though, if you're willing to make the three hour drive from SEA (or take QX's hourly SEA-PDX shuttle service).

As far as booking is concerned, I just checked WN's site, and the latest bookable date as of now is June 3rd. I would assume that your dates would become bookable around mid-January.

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