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AM's Website Shoots Them In The Foot

Sat Nov 06, 2010 8:45 pm

...if you ask me.

See, I was exploring possible itineraries (preferably of the added three airports variety). I know, as we all do, that AM serves a wide variety of destimanations here in the United States as well as Mexico and overseas. A huge list of such destinations(/origins) appeared when I had to fill in my departure airport; and when I filled it in with MSP, the list of possible destinations shrank to Cancún and Cancún only.

Well that does not make very much sense, in my book. Perhaps MSP-CUN is their only nonstop (is it even a nonstop?) out of MSP, but what if I want I should try taking them to SJD, or CUU, or any other of their dozens of destinations? Even without nonstops, AM is in the SkyTeam with DL, MSP's own megacarrier, for Pete's sake, there HAS to be some sort of DL MSP-LAX to AM LAX-CUU routing or something....Why wouldn't they just let me fill in the destination box with any of that alliance's myriad destinations and then put together something, interlining me onto alliance flights as necessary?

I wonder if this is a lack-of-computing-resources issue; and if it is, I wonder if the SkyTeam doesn't have a mechanism by which full-fledged members are entitled (or even required) to pool their resources and ensure that all alliance flights & fares are published by each other.

Ever since I managed to get MX on to my Airlines-I've-Taken list (SFO-ZIH via MEX outbound and MEX-GDL return, March 2000), I've been itchin' to get AM on there as well. I'm an eager potential customer, they shouldn't be making it difficult for me!!!   
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