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Were You Impacted By The QF Grounding Of The 380?

Tue Nov 23, 2010 3:02 am

Am curious as to any experiences of fellow QF travelers who were impacted by the grounding of the 380s. My LAX-MEL was cancelled for several days....a mess and I'm out of pocket nearly $8K USD due to a number of factors that I've never run into before in decades of travel and several million miles... I can't be the only one around here right?

Would be interested in hearing your stories. Sad case that we ran into was a woman in a wheelchair at LAX who was pretty much abandoned by QF and was struggling to find a hotel and apparently was without her luggage, which somehow, had gone on to Australia. We met dozens of people with stories to tell. I will say, many of the Australians seemed to take all in stride while the Americans were not quite so patient...
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RE: Were You Impacted By The QF Grounding Of The 3

Tue Nov 23, 2010 11:51 am

I was not impacted (I know it is not similar to the topic) as I didn't fly QF this year. Only last year... But the main cause of my reply is that I got goosebumps and a chill down my spine when I heard it was VH-OQA which had engine trouble (the one I was on last year)

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