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Heathrow Diversions - Lost Luggage

Sat Dec 25, 2010 5:58 am

Last Saturday I was on TAM flight JJ8084 from GRU to LHR.
My final destination was NCL with BA.

Due to the closure of LHR, we were diverted to CDG.
I then made my own way back to NCL by rail and road.

The problem is, I had to leave my suitcase in CDG, because TAM were unable to return them.

It is now a week since I left CDG and there is no sign of my luggage.
When I check the BA website, it just says 'Tracing Continues'.

I just wondered if anyone else has had problems getting their luggage returned.
I'm a little concerned it has gone missing for good.

I realise TAM have ground staff at CDG and that was probably why they chose to divert the flight there.

But to be frank, the groundstaff at CDG did absoloutley nothing last Saturday night, apart from pass on confused messages from the airline.

Wouldn't it have been far better for all concerned to divert the aircraft to somewhere like LTN, STN, BHX, EMA or MAN, then bus everyone to LHR?
Surely TAM could have contracted a handling agent like Swissport to deal with the passengers?

I really think the airlines need a better approach to situations like this.
By diverting to Paris, all TAM did was put extra strain on transport links between the France and the UK.


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