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Comair South Africa Domestic Flights

Sun Dec 26, 2010 4:42 pm


Recently I flew Comair (BA SA) from JNB to CPT and had quite high expectations from their (on board) service: they are a BA-franchise after all, the only other full service a/l in SA and probably have to fight very hard against SAA with their new a/c and high frequencies. However, I was quite bitterly disappointed. Not only was the ground staff rude @ JNB and appeared to have no clue what they were doing, they also downgraded us from C to Y without any compensation (yet) due to overbooking in C. Y @ Comair was nothing to write home about, although the legroom was good. A/c was this very old B732 - fun from an aviation enthousiast point of view, but very sad from a regular passenger point of view (esp. given the fact that their low-cost arm Kulula even operates B738's!). Food: very bland & boring sandwich and a tiny muesli bar.

Now 2 questions:

1. What reputation does Comair have in SA? Are they considered to be any good? Given my experience, why on earth would you pay a premium to fly on a full service carrier if you can fly cheaper on more modern a/c with lcc's, where you can even get better food?

2. As I wasn't able to experience their C-class, how does that generally compare to SAA's domestic C-class, esp. food wise? SAA food is very unpredictable: sometimes they give almost nothing and sometimes a full meal. Can anyone shed some light? What to book next time?


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RE: Comair South Africa Domestic Flights

Tue Dec 28, 2010 7:50 pm

The trick to flying Comair is.... book Kulula and pick a 4 digit flight number. Then you pay Kulula price and get BA service, which in my (limited) experience is usually pretty good.

Having said that I fly SAA wherever possible, my wife is a 32 year employee so I am indirectly putting money in my own pocket.

What to book next time? SAA.
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RE: Comair South Africa Domestic Flights

Tue Dec 28, 2010 8:28 pm

I have to admit that my only experience with Comair was a few years ago and left quite a bad impression , I had just flown AKL-SYD-JNB on QF and was absolutely knackered , I turned up at the business class check-in for my onward flight to CPT , the check-in agent looked down their nose at me and I was told in a very haughty voice " This is the business class check-in" to which I replied " That's good , because I am a business class passenger , so check me in please "

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