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Lufthansa A380 Montblanc Pen

Tue Dec 28, 2010 3:12 am

I posted this in the Hobby forum but I think this is the more appropriate forum for this thread:

I should first start off by saying that I am a complete sucker for Montblanc pens and most other things Montblanc. That said while flying on LH from LCA to FRA I noticed an absolutely amazing Montblanc pen that was specially designed as a limited edition pen to commemorate the LH A380. As soon as I seen this I showed my wife who became very mad at me because she knew I was going to order this amazing little pen regardless of the cost! I seen the duty free cart work its way through the cabin but after getting about half way through it went back and I just thought that they were looking for something and would come back. Well about an hour later after it didn't come back I went to the back of the plane and asked the FA if I could buy the pen, much to my surprise he told me that they had already locked the Duty Free cart and it was not possible! I then begged him and explained that I was an American and that the in-flight duty free on LH was the only place in the world I could get this pen to no avail!

So my question is does anyone have this pen and if so please tell me how amazing it is!

Also will anyone here by flying LH internationally anytime soon, maybe we can work something out!

Here is the amazing pen in all it's glory! forum to post in so here it is!


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