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Luggage Check? ZRH-AMS-DTW KL/DL

Mon Feb 14, 2011 1:38 pm

I booked a ticket yesterday DTW-AMS-ZRH and return for April. The first leg is booked as one straight though ticket with a layover at AMS. On the way back I didn't want to leave ZRH too early so I booked the trip as a multicity trip. I get into AMS around 7pm on Sunday the 24th and will leave to go back to DTW at 8am on Monday the 25th. I figured I would get a good nights sleep at AMS. I was thinking about staying at the "Yotel" at AMS (anyone done that? How is it?). Since this place is air side I don't really want to go and pick up my checked bag then go through security, back to the hotel, and go and check it in again the next morning. Do you think KL will allow me to check my bag at ZRH so it goes through to DTW? If they can't do that do you think KL will allow me to check my bag the night before my flight to DTW at AMS, so I don't have to do it in the morning?
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RE: Luggage Check? ZRH-AMS-DTW KL/DL

Mon Feb 14, 2011 5:07 pm

Plan B:

Instead of the Yotel, consider to spend the night at the Citizen M Hotel, 150 m walk from the farthest end of Schiphol Plaza.

The room itself is more than okay for a single night (or even two) for 1 person with luggage (2 persons with luggage and it gets cramped).

Rates are € 69 thru € 89 for the night 24/25-APR depending on booking conditions.
WiFi is free.
TV has lots of channels and Video on Demand for free.
Free library downstairs.
If you are lucky you get a room at a higher floor with a apron view. Aircraft will be parked less than 50yds from your window, but with hardly a sound to hear.

I haven't had breakfast at the Citizen M but preferred to grab some food to go at a "AH to go" ("Albert Heijn to go") located inside Schiphol Plaza across from the rental car counters.
I would check my luggage only for AMS, then pick it up.
Make OLCI for the AMS to DTW leg, print BP directly or use one of the kiosks at AMS (oyu might try this already the evening before), then just drop your bags in the morning and clear security & passport check.

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RE: Luggage Check? ZRH-AMS-DTW KL/DL

Mon Feb 14, 2011 10:13 pm

I would think that if you show them proof that your continuing on that they could check it through to DTW for you.

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