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Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Wed Mar 02, 2011 12:54 am

Did you ever miss a flight? Or almost did? Ever heard your name on the PA System : "Paging XXXX please report to Gate XX for immediate boarding."

My family ALWAYS go to the airport as early as possible (We did 7PM checkin for our 11PM flight in SFO with VX, 8PM for our 12AM flight in JFK on OZ, etc)

But one time, my dad "accidentally" left his passport at home, Since B6 needed his passport as an identification, my mom had to go home and get it. We got to the airport at around 5:30 AM, finally checked in by 6:00-ish, lined up for security, realized that he didn't have any sort of ID. Mom went home by 6:20, took nearly 2 hours because of rush hour. Got back at 8:20-ish, boarding started at 8AM. Security was super long, we lined up for around 5-7 minutes, heard our names on the PA System, I didn't have anytime to tie my shoes or even wear my belt, grabbed everything and just went off. Seated in 23A.B and C so we got nasty looks as we walked by 22 rows of mostly annoyed passengers, pilot came into the PA "Now we're all set, we will be departing in a few moments." Obviously, he probably mentioned that the flight got delayed because they had to wait for us..luckily we weren't alone, there was two passengers with us who sat on Row 22, so less awkward.

and on the bright side, I got to see an EK A388! 

Another one in CEB. We were flying 5J on one of it's turboprob inter-island flights. Since CEB had very convenient internet stations upstairs (the boarding gate was downstairs for all turbo prop flights) My cousin, mom and I didn't realized that they already boarded (earlier than schedule) AND my name was once again called for final boarding.

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My aunt, who came here in New York was about to go home to MNL. She was flying with KE on it's 00:50 departure to ICN, she misread it as 05:00 and went to the airport at 02:30AM, only to know that it was deserted and her flight departed 2 hours ago. Somehow, she managed to find a KE agent and rebooked her on the 12PM flight to ICN without any fees.

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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:09 am

Misread the time on the ticket and pulled up at AVL just as boarding was about to close. Thankfully, a small airport and I was checked in and through security in about 10 minutes. Still had to sprint up to the gate to make the flight though.
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Wed Mar 02, 2011 2:12 am

I almost did a few years back MCO-FLL. Ate some brekke at McDonalds....which happened to disagree with me. I could only find an avail toilet on the other end of the terminal...anywho..I hear them paging my name for boarding. OMG...I had to run to the other end, and I caught the flight, thank God...there were a total of 5 people on the 737...and off we went. This was like 7am.
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Wed Mar 02, 2011 2:17 am

I usually try and make sure that I leave enough time so that I don't miss a flight, but sometimes the inevitable happens and consequently I've missed a few.

The first time was on my first ever trip to the US. Back at Christmastime 1986 I was visiting an English cousin (who also happens to be my best friend) who was studying for her Masters at UNH in Durham, NH. While I was there she persuaded me to spend a weekend visiting our American family down in North Carolina, so out came the credit card and after a trip to a local travel agent (well it was 1986!) I was in possession of a return ticket on USAir BOS-PIT-CLT-PIT-BOS. However the night before my trip, 12 inches of snow was dumped on NH and MA. My cousin made a few calls and found that not only was the Concord Trailways bus from Durham to Logan still operating, but BOS was still open but with "some delays to flights". I trudged through the snow to Main Street, Durham, caught the Trailways bus (which arrived exactly on time...wouldn't happen in the UK!) and made it to BOS on time. However my BOS-PIT flight ended up with a weather delay, and I arrived in PIT just in time to see my flight to CLT pushing back from the gate. I contacted a USAir agent in the terminal who said that I had been booked on the next flight some three hours later, so I just browsed the terminal and bought a few souvenirs of Pittsburgh, even though (at the time...I've spent time in the city several times since) I hadn't actually visited Pittsburgh. Job done.

Luckily I jump forward to February 2007 for my next missed flight, but I'll let my trip report of that do the talking, should you be interested enough to read (no worries if you're not, I won't be offended!):

TK's A330 & B738 - LHR-IST-LHR, Feb. 2007 (+ Pics) (by BAViscount Mar 25 2008 in Trip Reports)

The next time was in July 2007. I had left my job to take a sabbatical from work with a view to chilling out for a while and doing some travelling. My first trip was to DUS, where I was to meet up with someone from the Dusseldorf office of the company I had just left who I had worked with on a long-distance project. We got on really well, so he invited me over so that we could meet and he could show me around his home town. I had flights booked with BA LHR-DUS, then with LH DUS-FRA-LHR. I decided to drive to LHR, so searched online for cheap car parking options for the five days that I would be in Germany. I found a really cheap deal at a carpark that I had never used before so booked online and downloaded directions on how to reach their facilities. Unfortunately those directions proved to be as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike and after what seemed like a lifetime of driving around in the general area of where the carpark was supposed to be, I spotted a tiny sign that directed me to where I should have been. I parked the car, boarded the bus to terminal 1 but by this time I was already in danger of missing my flight. The bus took an age to leave the carpark, so by the time I reached the terminal, check in had already closed for my flight. I ended up having to buy a new ticket for the next flight to DUS.

The fourth and final time was in early 2008. I had decided to spend a couple of days in PMI and got a ridiculously cheap flight on FR from STN. At the time I was living in south west London, so getting to STN meant a drive out to the M25 via the A213, round the M25 then up the M11. For those of you who don't know, the M25 (London's orbital motorway) is affectionately known as Britain's biggest carpark, but at the time of day that I was to be using it, there really shouldn't have been any problems. How wrong I was. As usual my fellow countrymen were having problems dealing with the pleasantries of how the M25 should be used and had managed to cause a "confrontation" (ie, a meeting of vehicles) that caused a hold-up of an hour to my journey as I sat there not moving and watching the minutes till my flight departure tick away. I called FR and eventually managed to get through to someone who told me that the PMI flight was due to leave on time, so I left the M25 at the next exit, drove to LGW for a bit of spotting and some lunch then went home again. I consoled myself a couple of weeks later with a trip on KL to AMS who, at the time, were still operating the A330 on certain early morning flights.

Wow, I really didn't expect to write such a long (and probably boring) response...I guess I got carried away!!  I suppose I'm lucky that despite having been flying since 1979, I've only ever missed four flights. No doubt others haven't been quite so lucky!
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Wed Mar 02, 2011 2:31 am

I was booked on united for MKE-ORD-SFO. The problem was that the clouds were so low that the plane could not make the 17 minute flight from MKE to ORD for an hour plus it might be canceled due to snow. We had a 45 min connection at ORD so they got us on a bus. The bus took 1 hour and 30 min (our original flight landed the same time we got there). We went to the desk and they had us standby for the next flight which was the UA 747 that was operating last year (this flight had over 50 standbys and most made it on). So we waited 2 hours in the RCC. In the RCC I looked at the FIDS and found my original flight to SFO was delayed and we could have made it, but I was to tired to go to the desk so I waited for the 747 flight. Then when we get to SFO they parked us at the international terminal so we had to walk to terminal 3 for our bags. I was so tired that I nearly passed out trying to get my bag off the belt.
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Wed Mar 02, 2011 3:07 am

A few years ago I was flying JAN-CLT-PWM with US on the last flight of the night to PWM. When I got to CLT and went to the connecting gate, the flight had been delayed an hour so I went to the bar for a smoke and a beer. I went back to the gate 15 minutes prior to the new flight time and took a seat. Thought it was odd nobody else was gathering there, but the board still listed the flight going to PWM at the new time and a plane was at the gate. After about 20 minutes still nobody had shown up and the terminal was getting empty! So, I went over to the passenger assistance desk and was told that the flight had already departed! I told them that when I had arrived on my first flight and come to the next gate, the board said the flight was delayed an hour and I had assumed that as long as I was back before ten minutes from the new departure time, then I'd be fine? They guy said I should have been there a half hour before! I was kind of surprised because in all my years of flying, as long as I've been at the gate ten minutes before the door closed I've never had a problem! I cut it tight, but am always there a minimum 10 minutes before the jetway door closes.

I figured I was in for a night sleeping in the airport? I went out of the secured area and to another assistance desk and explained what happened. The guy apologized and told me "Yeah, I understand. Sorry about that! They do things a little different over at the U.S. Airways Express Terminal!" He booked me on the next morning's flight, and to my surprise he gave me a $75 hotel voucher! It had been years since I'd seen an airline do that when the problem was technically the passengers fault. I ended up getting a room over a the nearby Ramada Inn. They had a bar/lounge with a band playing, so I went and hung out there and met a bunch of university students who were on a school trip! We partied all night and it was almost just like being back in college! It was a blast! The next day I called US to see if I could get on a later flight, and to my surprise they let me! I needed a few extra hours to recover! All in all it was a good time. Better than if I had just come back home the night before as planned! One extra night of vacation!

Last spring I was at MCO in the SW/B6 Terminal. Got caught up taking photos on the SW end of the terminal when I heard my name being called over the PA for last call for the B6 flight to PWM! I made a mad sprint from one end of the terminal to the other and arrived just as they were closing the jetway door. I felt like an Olympic sprinter! I think the jetway door must have shut behind me just seconds after passing through? The gate agents were laughing, clapping, and cheering me on as the saw me sprinting as full speed down the hall of the terminal! Just like at the finish line of a marathon!

The same thing happened at MEM one time a while back when I was on the last flight of the night with NW to GTR. Only this time it wasn't my fault! Anybody who's gone to the NW Airlink (Now DL) gates at MEM knows it's a long trek from the mainline gates! My flight from DTW had been late and it seemed like I ran a half mile! Only this time I made it, but not before being chewed out by the gate agent for being late! Even though I ran the entire time from the moment of deplaning the flight from DTW until I got to the connecting gate!

At least I don't act like this lady if I miss a flight due to my own fault! Can you say COMPLETE MELTDOWN?

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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Wed Mar 02, 2011 3:47 am

I had a very poor experience with AF a couple of years ago. I got passed from queue to queue at ORY as E check in didn't work for me, until check in closed and I missed the flight. Long story short, I wasn't happy but AF denied all responsibility that misdirecting me via several ticket desks no less than four times and holding me up for 50 minutes because their system had lost my ticket was their fault, so I had to buy a new ticket. They never even replied to my complaint.

Fortunately I haven't missed many flights, that was the only one I think, although I have had multiple re-bokings due to missing connections and also some pretty close calls with making check in:

Some take the proverbial; like a month ago when I was flying ZRH-MXP-DUS-BHX. MXP-DUS was an hour late, so the connection to BHX was missed. I'd just been re-routed on MXP-FRA-BHX when that updated to show an hour delay, so I was re-re-routed on MXP-MUC-BHX, which in turn them promptly became delayed. I would have missed the connection to BHX from MUC, but that was 2 hours late and then half way through boarding it was cancelled. Re-re-re-routed on MUC-FRA-BHX, getting in 10/11 hours late.

All my close calls involve high speed drives to airports and some good luck:

In 2008 I was travelling with a fellow A.nutter from Warsaw to Kiev. The train we'd planned to take was full, so instead we took a coach to Lvov, and booked a flight onwards 2/3 hours after the coach should have arrived. The coach actually arrived something like 10 minutes before the flight was due to leave, so we grabbed a cab and made a desperate dash to the airport - I have never seen a LADA move so fast! We arrived as it should have been taking off, and could hear the distinctive noise of a Yak 42 revving it's engines, but I raced inside anyway to check if we could still make the flight, thinking it was worth a shot. Amazingly they said we could, and with that gestured towards our bags whilst uttering 'give me the mother fu**ers', and pointed to the way through security. The plane was ready to go, but they put the airstairs back in place and opened the door again for us to get on. Really nice and very memorable treatment.

Then last April in Kiev I had a similar taxi dash through the city. I'd been on an Airevents tour all day, but due to the wonderfully unpredictable Ukrainian authorities everything had changed around at the last minute, so we were late getting back to the city. The coach dropped us at the city airport, and I had something like 50 minutes before check in closed at Borispol Airport for my flight to Moscow, a good 15 miles away through the city. Luckily the first car which drove past was a taxi, relatively fast and modern, and with a driver who understood my situation. He got me there with two minutes to spare and check in closed behind me.

Again last October I almost missed my return from South America. I was flying USH-FTE-AEP, EZE-GRU-DOH-BCN consecutively, allowing something like five hours transit time in Buenos Aires - I know it was over the minimum time to be covered by my insurance. Only then my inbound Aerolineas Argentinas flight was delayed by several hours, meaning my transit time was suddenly disappearing fast. By the time I'd reclaimed my bag at the city airport it was gone 9pm and my next check in closed at 10:10pm out at Ezeiza. Shamelessly I skipped the long taxi queue by hailing a cab who had just dropped someone off, and asked him to get me there ASAP, which through Buenos Aires traffic wasn't that hopeful. The guy did it though, and I made check in with five or ten minutes to spare.

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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Wed Mar 02, 2011 8:15 am

Missed a flight DUS-MAD because the train, darn you Deutsche Bahn, I was sitting in was stuck on the railways for 2 and half hour because someone threw him/herselves before the train and committed suicide.   
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Wed Mar 02, 2011 11:30 am

Missed connection in MUC due to late inbound lfight (due to icy weather) onroute to AGP. Got rebooked from LH onto IB via MAD. Barely made the run to the other terminal and new check-in. Bags did not make it onto flight although confirmed otherwise. Bags did not show up until 24 hrs later when I opted to drive to AGP-airport to pick them up in person rather having to wait even longer for delivery.
Intending to fly LT DUS - BKK in their Premium Eco Class we were about to leave home (to head for the train station and a 3+ hr trainride to DUS) when the phone ran and a person from LT asked us if we had not been informed that our flight was re-scheduled and would leave in 40 minutes.
Logn story cut short, we were re-booked by LT (the airline & tour operator) onto a LH-flight out of HAJ via BKK flying in Eco (I then demanded to return also on LH instead of LT which gave us better timings and less travel in Germany). We also received refunds for not flying Premium Eco Class, unused tarin tickets, a free daytrip in Thailand and some redurction of the remaining price for the stay.
All in all, LT (the airline & tour operator) must have made a big loss on our vacation, but I say, (back then) they really did care !{[checkmark}

Due to traffic during the noon-departure bank at ZRH, LX brought me to ATH 50 minutes late, giving me 40 minutes from touchdown to next flight to reclaim bag, rush to check-in counter, make new check-in (done 19 minutes prior to STD), traverse the complete ATH-terminal, security check & passport control. We pushed back on time on this A3-flight to LCA and actually my bag made it onto the flight, too.
Big    A3 !
My concern was, that this was the last A3-flight that day with no backup-plan other than purchasing a new & costly ticket on OA (or was it CY) for the very last flight that night.
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Wed Mar 02, 2011 12:59 pm

Almost missed a flight from OSL to AALin 2007. My dad and I arrived at OSL and checked in. Past security we headed to the asigned gate and sat down and waited. When there was 10 minutes to departure and still nobody had shown up we went out to find an information display and saw that a new gate had been assigned. We arrived at te gate after the doors had been closed but explained the situation and they let us board. THere had been no announcements and there was no information display inside the gate lounge where we sat.

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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:31 pm

I have missed 2 flights both because of the inbound flight being delayed.

1. Flew LAX-LHR-ARN on BA, missed the LHR-ARN flight because the LAX-LHR flight was delayed. Was rebook on to the next flight to ARN.

2. Flew ARN-LHR-IAH-LAX and the LHR-IAH flight was delayed so I missed the IAH-LAX flight. Was rebook already in LHR on to the next flight to LAX from IAH.
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:46 pm

I've missed any number of connections thru PHL, which is why I don't do that any more. I got tired of staying at the US Airways Ramada.

Not counting missed connections, I think the only time I missed a flight was some years back when I was consulting. I was supposed to join a couple other guys on an early flight PIT-ATL-RSW and I set the alarm clock for PM instead of AM. I woke up just about the time their flight was leaving (argh!), got on the phone and bought a one-way direct to RSW. Cost me $700 which I couldn't bill to the customer.   The only good part was that my direct flight landed almost the same time their connection landed, so I didn't have to rent my own car as well.
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Wed Mar 02, 2011 2:28 pm

Last March, I flew IST-HKG on TK. It was my first J flight on the 777 (ex-9W) so I was really looking forward to it. After some shopping, we started walking to the gate and saw many people running in the opposite direction. We made fun of them and thought how can people manage to do that... After walking the full length of the airport and finding out out gate had changed, we were one of those people running. We made it a few minutes before the gate closed  
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Wed Mar 02, 2011 3:50 pm

The only missed or blown connection I had was when I was flying to TOL to visit my father for the weekend several years ago. The itinerary was NW (XJ) PHL-DTW-TOL.

The blown connection to TOL (I even wrote a thread about it at the time) was due to a weather-related delayed arrival of the XJ Avro used for the PHL-DTW leg; it was my first and only ride on an Avro. Fortunately, since TOL isn't that far away from DTW (my only reason for booking a PHL-TOL itinerary over PHL-DTW was due to the former costing a third of the price of the latter, go figure    ), I simply told my father to pick me up at DTW rather than TOL. Since my father's residence at the time was roughly equidistant from the 2 airports; it wasn't like he was driving any extra distance.

I did have 3 near-misses.

The first one occurred around 1999 when I was catching a US PHL-DFW flight. I parked my car at the airport's Economy Parking Lot and picked up the Courtesy Shuttle Bus to the terminal. Those familiar with PHL know that the Recirculation Road that many courtesy shuttles use (pre-17-35 extension and 291 relocation) is only one lane wide. Apparently, another shuttle bus several vehicles up broke down on said-roadway and caused a traffic back-up. Traffic on this roadway was stopped for at least 1/2 hour which ate up most if not all of my lead-time (I only had a carry-on). By the time I arrived at the terminal; I had only 5 minutes, at best, to head to the gate. Naturally, the gate my flight was parked at was at the furthest away from the terminal entrance; which meant I literally had to sprint from the security checkpoint (thankfully, this was pre-9/11) to the gate counter. To my horror, the jetway door was already closed; but, thankfully, the plane was still there and there was a gate agent was at the counter (remember, this pre-dated on-line check-ins). Long-story short, I was able to board my flight; although due to the flight being full, there was no available space in the overhead bins for my carry-on dufflebag. As a result, my carry-on was gate-checked.

Since then, I have NEVER NEVER NEVER used PHL's Economy Parking Lot ever again due to its single-lane Recirculation Road. If I have to park to catch a flight, I have since then discovered and used an independent lot (Express Park) on the west (Tinicum) side of the airport that:

a. Has a slightly cheaper rate than the Airport Economy Lot.
b. Uses 15-passanger vans for its shuttle vs. large busses (which increases the number of passenger pick-ups at the lot)
c. Due to the Lot's location, directly enters the terminal area without using the Recirculation Road.

The second time occurred at FLL in 2002 when I was catching a FL flight to BWI. After returning my rental car and being shuttled to the terminal, I realized that I accidentally left something of value back at the rental car return counter (which was obviously located about a mile from the terminals). I had to take another shuttle bus back to the rental car facility to pick up my item (which they indeed had). By the time I returned to the terminal, I was running very late and I believe that I heard my name paged while I was frantically trying to get to my gate. Since I did NOT have internet access where I was stying at the time, I had to go to the main counter to get a boarding pass (IIRC, this pre-dated the instant check-in kiosks); resulting in precious time being wasted. Fortunately, the security line wasn't too long and I was able to get to the gate (after sprinting post-security) and board. No gate-check was needed this time.

The third time occured in either 2004 or 2005 on another trek to TOL via NW from PHL. Earlier that day, I was attending a funeral and a burial, which, unbeknownst to me at the time, involved a 10-to-15 mile procession from the funeral home to the cemetery. To add insult to injury, one of my friends insisted that we all go in one car (there was 4 of us in all); which went against my better judgment that I drive alone due to my needing to catch a late-afternoon flight. Fortunately, I was the one that was driving so that gave me a little control over the departure time. Following the burial, there was a post-funeral party that was located some 7 miles from the cemetery but in a somewhat opposite driection from the funeral home. Again, against my better judgment; we decide to attend the party.

After a while, I realized that I was losing precious time and that the party was located nowhere near PHL. I frantically tried to pawn off my passengers to someone else (to give them a ride home) so that I could head straight to the airport but only was able to unload one out of the three. As a result, with the two remaining passengers, I was frantically driving like a maniac and dodging traffic jams (rush-hour was just starting) where possible to get the 2 passengers back to their vehicles and then high-tail it over to the airport. Long story short, by the time I got to the airport; the NW DC-9 to DTW was just about to close the door. Fortunately, the agent at the ticket counter called the gate and mentioned that I was on my way and I was able to board.

If I was just only flying to DTW; they probably would placed me on a later flight but since my connecting flight to TOL (on a XJ Saab) was the final one for the day, I was able to board my originally-scheduled flight.

The lesson learned from that experience is if I'm attending a function (especially if it's remotely located) before my flight; DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT carpool with anyone to said-function.
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Wed Mar 02, 2011 4:08 pm

I've never missed a flight, but I've been turned away from and FR flight STN-SNN because I'd forgotten my passport. Flying to Ireland doesn't need a passport, just FR needed it because I'd checked in online and use the passport for my ID. The helpful agent said I could go back landside, check-in manually at a desk and then come back, using my driving license as ID, and catch the next flight, with no fees. However, I was booked on a daytrip (for the princely sum of £0.02!) so just went home. Next time their 1p sale came back, I booked a repeat trip, and remembered my passport this time!

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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Wed Mar 02, 2011 5:02 pm

I've missed 3 flights for various reasons, all within a 2 year period out of 20 years of flying hehe.

First: I was on vacation in Key West with a friend, and the night before I was supposed to leave was called at 2AM and advised of a family emergency and that I had to get the first available flight to MCO (I wasn't flying until late PM). So I booked a CO flight at 0300 routing EYW-MIA-MCO leaving at something like 0630 and getting to MCO at about 1000. I stupidly forgot to ask front desk for a wake up call, and ended up waking up at 0545. I freaked, grabbed my bags (no shower, no shave... nothing lol) and bolted to front desk and asked for a cab. I made it to the airport by say 0615, by which time I was too late for the flight. They rebooked me on to a later flight, but that would not get me home until 2hrs before my originally scheduled flight (due to long layover in MIA). I opted to wait for my original flight and used my ticket towards a future CO flight.

Second: I was flying AA PDX-DFW-MCO and my PDX flight was running 45min late and I already had a tight connection. I was running to the gate for the MCO flight and I saw the CSA close the jetbridge door, I got there 30 seconds later and she told me that I wouldn't be able to get on the flight and had to wait for the next flight.

Third: This one is definitely a mea-culpa, and totally my fault (and quite funny). Its a long story so I shall make it short - I was in LAS with my family, I had an early AM flight to MCO via ABQ while my family had a non stop to MCO later in the afternoon. My friend and I went out and got rip roaring drunk and spent most of our previous winnings in the casino the night before we left. We finally called it a night at 0400 and had to be up at 0600 for our 0730 flight. We got into the cab and got to the airport, checked in and realised that we didn't have our tickets (My dad had booked through Southwest Vacations, not Southwest Airlines, which required us to have a paper ticket). I was still drunk at this point, and not in the best of moods! It took 30 minutes for my dad to answer his phone (he wasn't happy at being woken up so early) I had to jump in a cab head back to the hotel, and meet him there collect the tickets, and get some cash off him to pay for the extra 2 cab fares and food for the day. I made it back to LAS by which time our flight was long gone. We were rebooked LAS-CMH-MCO... the LAS-CMH sector was hell! My hangover kicked in somewhere over Colorado. We made it to MCO later that night, at exactly the same time as my parents who had taken the non-stop flight later that day.

Definitely learned my lesson!

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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Wed Mar 02, 2011 5:49 pm

Quoting PlymSpotter (Reply 6):
In 2008 I was travelling with a fellow A.nutter from Warsaw to Kiev. The train we'd planned to take was full, so instead we took a coach to Lvov, and booked a flight onwards 2/3 hours after the coach should have arrived. The coach actually arrived something like 10 minutes before the flight was due to leave, so we grabbed a cab and made a desperate dash to the airport - I have never seen a LADA move so fast! We arrived as it should have been taking off, and could hear the distinctive noise of a Yak 42 revving it's engines, but I raced inside anyway to check if we could still make the flight, thinking it was worth a shot. Amazingly they said we could, and with that gestured towards our bags whilst uttering 'give me the mother fu**ers', and pointed to the way through security. The plane was ready to go, but they put the airstairs back in place and opened the door again for us to get on. Really nice and very memorable treatment.

Dan you forgot the best parts! First of all, the actual phrase was like "let's get these mo* fu* on board" so we weren't sure if they meant our bags or us. Second, they rushed us right PAST the security gate, and third, they made us exit to the apron through some sort of baggage loading hatch.
Funny flight that one!  

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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Wed Mar 02, 2011 10:49 pm

Quoting PITingres (Reply 11):
I got tired of staying at the US Airways Ramada.

You should count yourself as lucky...I think the average is 3 times before you get shot or robbed at that hotel  
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Thu Mar 03, 2011 12:37 am

The only time I actually missed one was 2 years ago coming back from my Thanksgiving trip SAV-ATL-MCI. Long story short, there was horrible weather between ATL and SAV (also including the two airports) so the plane was an hour late inbound and obviously back too. It was supposed to be a through flight to MCI, but they found another plane and sent it off at the appropriate time to accommodate all the other pax coming just from ATL. On the flip side, it turned out that that flight bumped my family;s SkyMiles accounts up to Silver Medallion, so we got seats in F for the rebooking  

The only other time I personally have come close was last November (for another Thanksgiving trip), when my plane was delayed leaving OMA, which resulted in me getting to the gate for my connecting flight to SAV as they were announcing the final boarding call.
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Thu Mar 03, 2011 6:38 am

Missed once, and was my fault, I somehow misread the departure time for the check in time for a BA flight from LHR to JNB. I was held up too as I had to stop at the clinic in Piccadilly on the way to get my shots updated. Technically there was still time when I arrived, but BA were having none of it. So off I rush to T3 to go buy a flight on VS later in the evening. Blew most of the travel budget right there... good job beer was cheap in Malawi!

Almost missed several times, most vivid in my memory was coming back from CMN on BA/GT. I was held up at my last meeting and the driver they dispatched for me decided to take a short cut to the airport along some new road being constructed, which turned into a mud field frustratingly close to the aiport, but the Citroen Berlingo is sure not designed to drive in mud.................. got there eventually, BA check in was closed, went to customer service. The guy was totally amazing, checked me in with AT instead and took care of my bag. Rushed through security, the guy would not let me leave with the amount of Moroccan currency I had - hello, I planned to change it, Im trying to get on this flight. Solved by giving him a hefty handful of dinars.... my name was being called, I just made it on - the jetway was removed as I was walking through the aisle... lots of evils stares from each row as I proceed to the back of the plane. Best bit was in LHR though - the baggage belt started and one solitary bag came through - mine  must have literally been inside the hold door, waved a cheery goodbye to all the other good folks waiting for their bags LOL
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Thu Mar 03, 2011 3:48 pm

I missed a flight in the East once but I forget the details sorry!

I'm almost paranoid about getting to the airport in lots of time. All of our flights nowadays are cheap charter packages. I assume if you miss them you are S.O.L. Is that correct? Is there any leniency for people who have missed the flight?

At the end of January, I think we put a $2000 vacation package at risk by having to drive 100 km over icy roads, 2 hours before the flight. I felt like an idiot.

I know most people are much more relaxed than me about getting to the airport on time, but I don't hear the number of sob stories that I would expect. Again I ask, is their any leniency for those really cheap tickets I usually buy?
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Fri Mar 04, 2011 12:16 am

Quoting JetBlue777 (Thread starter):
Did you ever miss a flight? Or almost did?

No, I have never been late for an originating flight. I have been late due to irregular operations and missed connections that have already left, yes.
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Fri Mar 04, 2011 2:32 am

Put me down in the "almost" category. I was going to be on an early OKC-DEN flight...departure time was 6:40 AM. I'm not always a morning person, so I was dragging my feet a little when my alarm went off at whatever hour it was. That, and I knew that the airport wouldn't be really busy at that time, so I thought I would have enough time. All of a sudden, though, I decided it would be prudent to get in my car and to the airport. I left (kinda weird that I remember this...) at 5:57. About 20 minutes of fast driving later, I was there. When I got to the security line, there were some people ahead of me, but it looked manageable. Hence, according to plan, I got behind a woman who looked like she might quickly go through...

Alas, she had a deceptively large number of items. She put her laptop in one bin. Then she put who knows how many bags and assorted pieces of junk into three more bins. As she was doing this, I was taking off my sandals and being a patient traveler. I was then serenaded by the PA system...a call for me and another person to high-tail it to gate 5 for the United flight to Denver because the doors would close rather soon. I got that adrenaline rush of "oh crap, am I gonna miss this plane?!?" Then the lady wrestled her carry-on onto the conveyor. She went through the metal detector alright, but the X-ray kept spitting her carry-on out. More wrestling ensued, and the machine finally ate the bag. I cleared security in a relatively calm manner, put on my sandals, and briskly jogged to gate 5. To my relief, the door was still open. The agent took my boarding pass, I got on the plane, and I was in my seat at 6:31. The other man in the announcement came aboard soon after, and we were on our way.

Moral of the story: suck it up and wake up. It will be a lesson for me to remember as I break this record for my earliest flight: I've got one in April that leaves at 6:00 sharp.
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Fri Mar 04, 2011 2:54 am

1. I did have one incident where I was called over the PR system. I flew from ORD to WRO with a stopover in WAW. I was freshly married and my father-in-law who lives in WAW came to meet me. He talked and talked for 3 hours and I was not sure how to excuse myself till I heard my name called over PR and even then he was not finished talking. I had to just sprint to the gate - it was before 9/11 where there was little security involved.

2. My wife and I missed a connecting flight in DFW going from ORD to LIM. ORD flight had to wait for the gate to open and even though we run very fast by the time we got to the gate we just saw the tail of our LIM plane. Anyway, it turned to be much better deal as we were put on a flight to MIA connecting to LIM in First Class.
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Fri Mar 04, 2011 7:40 am

I actually did miss my flight this morning. I was booked on the 5am service to MEL but thought I was on the 6am, as that's the flight I normally book myself on. When I went to check in at 5:15 and she told me, I felt like a bloody idiot!

As I purchased the cheapest fare I had to pay $50 to change to the 6am service (glad I didn't have to pay for another ticket!). As I purchased an exit row upgrade, and obviously most people were already checked in, I managed to get moved to 1C (premum ecomomy). 
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Fri Mar 04, 2011 10:15 am


In April 2009 my then GF (now my wife) and I went to Japan to see the Sakura. On our last day we went to Tsukiji market early in the morning to have some sushi before catching the Narita Express to NRT and to catch our SQ A380 back to SIN. Well, we stayed at the market for too long and we ended up taking a non-express train to NRT and got to the check in desk about 5 mins after they had closed the flight. Back then I was PPS and I assume that was the only reason we managed to check in even after the flight had closed. We were escorted through security and immigration and then were told to run to the gate. However, we still had some yen left so we went shopping in the duty free area until the gate agent came running and screaming our names. We literally closed the A380 door behind us and pushed back!

In October 2008 I was going to Athens to attend an industry conference. Since I hadn't been to Europe for a while I decided to arrive a few days earlier and visit a friend in Antwerp, Belgium. So I flew SQ to CDG and then was to take the Thalys from CDG to Brussels and then an inter-city train to Antwerp, spend the night, then take an inter-city from Antwerp to Brussels, the Thalys back to CDG, and an AF flight from CDG to ATH.

I missed the Thalys to Brussels because the automatic machine didn't take Master Card (which I booked the tickets with), only Maestro, but made it just a few hours later. On the return, there was a strike in Antwerp so there were no trains to Brussels. I took a taxi to another city but missed the train to Brussels by seconds. So I ended up taking a taxi back to Antwerp and hopping on a TGV To Paris Nord and then an RER through the colorful banlieues to CDG. Of course by the time I got to the check in desk the flight had already departed. Luckily I was in C and there was still one more flight to ATH that night, otherwise I would've been in a lot of trouble with my boss.

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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Fri Mar 04, 2011 10:18 am

I involuntarily missed three flights that I can recall.
One for an incredibly long check-in line at LAS for US last century before online boarding passes existed. The long line was due to staff shortage and US transferred me to AA an hour or two later (the next US flight to my destination being much later than that).
One because I left my passport at home. Fortunately I had a long connection scheduled at IAD so I was able to move my reservation at the airport to another flight, go home to retrieve my passport and still make my originally scheduled connection ex IAD.
The last one because it was an absolute last-minute booking, and I was in fact driving to the airport while someone else was making the reservation for me. Only traffic was worse than I expected and I didn't get there on time.

I voluntarily missed more flights than that, usually with little to no consequence.

I've heard my name called a few times at BRU flying CO back when CO would use the absolute furthest gate from check-in and lounge, board very early (in my opinion) and panic quickly if not everyone was breathlessly waiting around the podium to stampede into the aircraft... I never considered myself to be late, they were just too early!

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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Fri Mar 04, 2011 12:14 pm

This last June I had an Easyjet flight FCO MAD departing in the early evening. The Easyjet flight was delayed till late next morning. This while I had a LAN flight booked leaving MAD for FRA just afternoon. Since I knew I was going to miss this flight I requested my baggage to book a direct flight to FRA. Easyjet simply refused returning my baggage. The next morning they tried checking in 150 pax without computer on only one counter. In the end I showed up at the LAN check-inn counter just minutes after check-inn closed. A 500 euro AB flight to FRA was the only solution.

To this date I still blame U2 for not returning my back an forcing me to fly them to MAD.
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Fri Mar 04, 2011 9:00 pm

I have missed one due to my own lazyness. I was booked on an 6am flight from DUB-BRS once and I woke up at 3am turned the alarm off and went back to sleep lol...
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Fri Mar 04, 2011 9:26 pm

Quoting OA260 (Reply 28):
I woke up at 3am turned the alarm off and went back to sleep lol...

I've learned the hard way (missed appointment) that in order for me to wake up in the middle of the night, the alarm needs to be located in such a way as to require me to get out of bed to turn it off, else I am doomed!
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Fri Mar 04, 2011 9:46 pm

Quoting blueflyer (Reply 29):
the alarm needs to be located in such a way as to require me to get out of bed to turn it off, else I am doomed!

Very true I do that now when Im not at home I set clock alarm and phone alarm and place phone away from the bed.
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Fri Mar 04, 2011 11:16 pm

Two yes.

First was entirely my fault. I was flying LHR-EDI with bmi. I left the house late, couldn't find the right car park, and left my wallet at home. Not my best start to the day. Luckily they transferred me FOC onto the next flight.

Second one was a pain. I was flying on miles in F with United. My return flight LAX-IAD-LHR was late, but would have made it if not for some debris on the runway which held us for another 15 mins or so. Got to IAD to see the last flight to London pulling back from the next gate. Spent a few hours in some hotel before taking the day time flight back to London. Whilst UA looked after me OK, was gutted not to have been able to try the First Suite on a night flight, and ended up on the 767 which, at that time, had the crappy old int'l F seats.

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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Sat Mar 05, 2011 2:16 am

Quoting OA260 (Reply 28):
I have missed one due to my own lazyness. I was booked on an 6am flight from DUB-BRS once and I woke up at 3am turned the alarm off and went back to sleep lol...

Funny, I wanted to do just that many times. On a similar note, once when I was visiting my cousin in LA the alarm went off for him to go to work but there was no movement of any sort. I was awake so I went to check on him and he said: gees thanks but this is just the first one and I get up when the third one rings. He had three alarm clocks scattered on the floor beside his bed.
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Sat Mar 05, 2011 3:24 am

I'll post what I said in the Your 2011 Booked Flights (by jetblue777 Dec 27 2010 in Aviation Polls) thread about how I missed a flight last week:

Quoting KingFriday013:
Quoting KingFriday013 (Reply 35):
US 2161 LGA-DCA 0:59 A319 (dba US Airways Shuttle)

Probably ought to mention that I missed this flight, first time in my life I've done that. Woke up at 5:51 for this 6AM departure. Luckily it's the shuttle, so I just took the 7AM flight #2163 instead. Airborne time was 23 minutes takeoff to touchdown. Everything else remained the same. Looking forward to flying again this Friday, not so much to the A319 though.

Quoting KingFriday013:
Quoting jetblue777 (Reply 149):
Did you have to pay any fees? I hate it when that happens (not just flights) When I wake up late for something important then you look at the time and get that mini-heart attack.

I called US Airways as soon as I could find my phone, and they said that as long as your new departure is within two hours of your original flight, then you don't have to pay a fee. Otherwise (and I'm guessing here) I probably would have had to either pay a $150 change fee plus any difference in the fare, or maybe even buy a new ticket! Wow! Knowing that, I'm really glad I booked the 6:00 AM shuttle; the lady on the phone said the 7:00 AM was wide open which it sort of was... I don't think I'm the only one that switched to that flight but people might have had later departures. I could have taken the 8:00 AM shuttle and still made my connection -- and that would have been the two hour mark. All I can say is that I didn't know how clever I was over the summer when booking this.

Quoting JetBlue777 (Thread starter):
Ever heard your name on the PA System : "Paging XXXX please report to Gate XX for immediate boarding."

After I got checked in for the 7am and went through security, I stopped at the Dunkin Donuts stand in the terminal. When I finally got to the gate they were calling my name and one other guy. I thought I had more time than that   

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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Sat Mar 05, 2011 5:43 am

Never have missed a flight, but I've had two near misses, coincidentally both involving US and CLT. The first one was in 20042005ish, and my family and I were flying SFO-CLT-BUF on US. As we were getting close to CLT, the weather got bad and so our A321 was placed in a holding pattern for a while, which didn't help since our connection was pretty tight as it was. We ended up docking at the end of C and (just our luck) our connecting gate was at the end of B. Had to run like hell to catch our 733, but we managed!

The second happened about 2 years ago. Me, my brother, and my dad (and one of my dad's co-workers) were flying AGS-CLT-BUF, again on US. Our flight to CLT was delayed (due to weather IIRC), hampering an already tight connection time. We arrived at CLT with 10 minutes or so to spare, and hustled from E to D to make it to our 752 to BUF.
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Sat Mar 05, 2011 6:20 am

Missed a flight. Spring Break about 10 years ago when I was in high school. DFW-MIA-MBJ. We were checking in at DFW and we were told the flight leaves in 10 mins. We had documentation that said our flight didn't depart for another 55 mins. Long story short we couldn't get on the flight as it was closing. AA did screw up; if I recall they moved us flights without notifying us. So we ended up leaving for MIA 8 hours later. They flew us via ATL down to MIA in F. They put us up in a hotel in MIA and we took the early flight out the next day to Jamaica.
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Sun Mar 06, 2011 7:44 am

I've missed a flight at origin once, back in December 2000. I'd apportion fault about 50-50 between me and NW. I was to fly a redeye SFO-DTW then connect to BUF to visit my folks for winter break, but I got a late start to the airport from Berkeley. Thanks to some rather heroic driving by my friend and his Volkswagen Corrado, I got to SFO 90 minutes before departure, which is what NW recommended back then. Of course, the line was long and not moving at all. NW didn't have an employee sussing out those with imminently departing flights like most other airlines do. Worse, the Business/First Class agent was doing nothing because nobody was in line for it. I asked the agent if she could help me out, but she sneered "no" at me to get back in line. It took 2 hours to get to the front of the line by which point my flight had departed. I ended up being stranded for about 5 days since it was holiday time, and since they denied that it was their problem at all (even though I was at SFO on time) I had to pay a change fee and the difference to the max coach fare. I wrote a nasty letter and got a refund and a discount on my next trip on Northwest, but I never used it. That trip ended up being the last time I took Northwest.

My best close call story reflects much more favorably on the airline. A year or two after the above NW fiasco, I was returning to Berkeley after winter break on B6, BUF-JFK-OAK leaving in the morning. When I got to the airport and checked in, I discovered that my flight was delayed because of a crew problem such that we would arrive at JFK as my OAK flight would depart. The B6 crew had overnighted in BUF, and one of the F/As had gone to a party the night before where someone stole her wallet with her ID. They told the pax that she couldn't work without her FAA ID, B6 called in a replacement F/A who happened to live in ROC or Binghamton or somewhere a few hours away.

I asked the gate agent about rescheduling, but she told me that they'd do all they could to see if I could make my connection, noting that they could reschedule me at JFK if necessary. So, B6 moved me up to seat 1C so I could make a quick exit. Once we landed at JFK, a F/A told me which gate I'd be running to, and they made sure I was the first out of the door and into T6 (this was a while ago). I sprinted the short distance to my next gate, in the middle section across from the food court. The sign said "departed," but the gate agent had her foot in the door, saw me coming, said "C'mon [Loubert], let's go!" I handed my boarding pass to her, and I sprinted down the jetway, into the waiting A320 whose door closed behind me. I think they held the plane a minute or two for me! And even better, my checked bag made it too! I couldn't have been in the terminal for more than 30 seconds, and we pushed back almost immediately after I sat down. I really appreciated that, and wrote an email B6 commending everyone who helped me.
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Sun Mar 06, 2011 9:37 pm

I've only missed flights due to late or cancelled cnx flights which have been quite a few ... but never due to getting late to the airport.

However, I dropped my cousin off at YVR back in 1999 for a TS flight to FRA and made it to the airport 25 minutes before departure because he just had to go to Boston Pizza in Chilliwack one last time, and even though they had already closed check-in ... they still checked him in at the customer service desk and let him on ...  Wow! Some people have all the luck I guess  
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Mon Mar 07, 2011 7:03 pm

I'm still not sure how this ever worked, and those whom I tell certainly think I'm full of it, but about a year ago I woke up in my apartment on the far north side of Chicago exactly 47 minutes before departure MDW, and I wasn't even packed. I was in the car in less than 5 minutes, and somehow, someway made it down there in less than 30. Arrived at the airport 14 minutes before flight time, and after an all-out run managed to get to the gate just before the door closed.

Couple years ago arrived at CUN a full 2 hours before departure, but 90 minutes later we were still standing in line for the ticket counter. Fortunately a US rep pulled all the pax for my flight out of line and escorted us to the front, then to the front of the security line. First and only time in my experiences that US has ever done anything right... of course after we got to CLT our connection to ATL was inexplicably canceled and it took a further 5 hours to get a flight  
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Mon Mar 07, 2011 7:08 pm

A year or two ago was flying J9 from BAH to DXB. My parents had rented a car, and usually all you have to do to return it is drop it off at a designated space. But that time they'd changed the rules-you had to park the car, go to the desk inside the terminal on the arrivals level then sign some form. It took like 45 minutes for us to find a parking space, get our bags, queue up at Hertz just to finish with the car. We made it to the check-in desks with like 30-40 minutes till departure-thankfully they let us check-in sine the flight was delayed by like an hour.
Moral: Always plan ahead.

Another time, I got to the airport only to discover I had my old expired passport, not the current one. Thankfully I was like 15 minutes from the airport. Moral: Always, always double check you have the right documents. You wouldn't do anything so silly as bring the wrong passport-would you?
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Mon Mar 07, 2011 7:36 pm

I've missed two.

The first was an AirTran flight MSP-MKE-MCO. MSP had a blizzard Christmas Eve/ Early Christmas morning (2009). Our 717 was over-nighted at the gate and had large accumulations of snow on it. We had to de-ice for upwards of an hour (after they cleared all the snow from the control surfaces). As we were pulling up in MKE, we saw our connecting 737 pushing from the adjacent gate  Wow!. They accommodated us onto the next flight after a few hours.

The next just happened over winter break. I was flying MSP-PHX-ONT. I was supposed to fly DL into PHX then get on a US flight into ONT   (I will never book through any site that requires connecting onto a different airline again. Or any 3rd party site again). DL called 30 mins prior to me leaving for MSP, saying they MSP-PHX segment would be delayed by 2:45 min. meaning we would miss our US PHX-ONT segment. We spent the night in PHX and US (Extremely helpful) accommodated us on the first flight into ONT the next morning. My family is now convinced of flying direct! 

Thankfully I have yet to miss one due to my own fault!
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Mon Mar 07, 2011 11:35 pm

Quoting directorguy (Reply 39):
Another time, I got to the airport only to discover I had my old expired passport, not the current one.

Reminds me of an earlier near-teleportation feat. My next-door neighbor and good friend called me in tears from ORD where she was supposed to leave for Ireland in less than an hour and told me she needed me to break into her apartment, find her passport, and bring it to her. Somehow drove from Hyde Park to ORD in 45 minutes Friday at 5pm, and EI had found her space on an AA flight which she barely made, passport in hand.
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RE: Ever Missed A Flight? (Or Almost Did)

Tue Mar 08, 2011 1:38 am

During my previous career as a dispatcher I was the responsible person to tell lots of passengers that they missed their flight when they arrived at the gate too late. And ofcourse it was always my fault that they were too late and that the aircraft should have waited for them.   

Never missed a flight myself, but almost missed a connection: August 2006, three days after the '2006 transatlantic aircraft plot'. I was booked on BA EDI-LHR-AMS. The inbound aircraft from LHR arrived late in EDI, and due to huge amounts of stranded bagage from the past days they loaded as many bags as possible on our 757, causing an even longer delay. We finally landed at LHR T1 with less than 30 minutes left to get to our next flight to AMS, which was departing from T4. Thankfully a BA employee was waiting for us in the airbridge, took us down to the apron and drove us by car to T4. We arrived a few minutes before departure and were the last passengers to board the aircraft, but we made it!   
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