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Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical Delay?

Fri Mar 04, 2011 2:22 pm

With aviation expanding and amazingly growing around the world, i am certain that a lot of us have had delays or diversions due to technical. for me in 2008 i was on a united flight from IAD to PHX, got my last miniute upgrade, was happy, so after we taxied and lining up for the runway, the captain has informed us that we have to go back to the gate due to the antifreeze in the engine not working, so it wouldn't be acceptable to be airborne with one engine. that was an A320. we had a delay of 2 and half hour, but we had to get off the airplane because they were goign to have an engine run up. i got to phoenix finally, it wasn't bad, the attendants were nice on that flight, passengers were pretty understanding
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RE: Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical De

Fri Mar 04, 2011 3:08 pm

I have flown commercial for over 50 years and have had too many to count. Some that I remember being personally involved with:

Braniff 727 engine shut down in flight and returned to MEM with 2 engines. Fire/rescue met the plane.

Braniff 747 cracked windshield prior to departure. Broke the replacement windshield putting it in. Flight cancelled.

Braniff 747 had an engine change AT THE GATE. We sat for 5 hours and I watched as they changed the number 2 engine while the plane was parked at the gate in DFW. Once the new engine was installed 5 hours later, they taxied to a runup area to check the engines. Then they taxied back to the same gate, we boarded the airplane, and we took off for HNL.

Braniff 747 parked at the gate in DFW when a large thunderstorm blew thru the airport. A catering truck that was loading food on the plane at the door behind the wing was blown over by the strong winds, and was resting on the flaps at a 45 degree angle. They had to bring cranes in to upright the truck. The flight to London was cancelled.

Braniff 747 landing in DFW. Blew about 6 tires on landing. They changed the tires on a taxiway. Passengers stayed on board the aircraft. Taxied to gate after tire change.

TWA 747 in ORD. Flight to London was delayed 6 hours while they did an engine change. This time they changed the engine in the hanger.

PA 747 JFK to Rome. 747 had a mechanical and they substituted an all coach 707-320. This was in 1980.

AA DC-10 landing in ORD did a last minute go around due to aircraft spacing on the runway. This was a few months after the UA DC-10 crashed on takeoff from ORD.

727 flight delayed because the emergency slide had partially deployed out of the housing (it didn't inflate).

UA 737 ICT to ORD was delayed 45 minutes because the flight crew reported a nose gear compartment light was burnt out that was discovered during the pre-flight walk around. It took 45 minutes to get a mechanic to replace the light bulb and then get the maintenance records updated. This was during one of UA's pilot contract negiotations when the flight crew was doing everything "by the book" as part of a work slowdown. Normally this lightbulb would not be a big deal. My brother-in-law was working the ramp for that flight and one the person who the captain reported the incident to.

HP 737 ICT to PHX had a flight delay because a passenger joked to the captain in the gate that they saw him in the bar. The captain in order to protect his reputation and career went directly from the gate to the medical facility to have a blood test performed. This delayed the flight a couple of hours.

An early morning flight on a commuter airline for a major airline cancelled a flight because the flight attendent showed up drunk for the flight. I knew the story because I had a relative that worked the flight.
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RE: Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical De

Fri Mar 04, 2011 3:20 pm

In 1963, flying from Singapore (Paya Lebar) to London on a Bristol Britannia, we stopped en-route in Karachi. It was dark as we reboarded and I remember saying to the hostess (as they were called back then) on the ground, "See you later." Sure enough, after a delay we were all asked to get off the plane because there was a problem with one of the engines. We were put up overnight in Karachi and continued the following day.

1974 flying from PER to LHR with BA. Landed at Paya Lebar (Changi was still in the planning stages) as scheduled and when it came to depart the Captain announce a problem with one of the engines. We were not immediately asked to deplane but drinks were brought out to pacify passengers. Eventually we were asked to leave the aircraft and walk across the tarmac (no jet bridges)back to the terminal. After a couple of hours the problem was solved and we were on our way. Funnily enough, the same thing happened when I passed through Singapore again in 1976.
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RE: Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical De

Fri Mar 04, 2011 5:19 pm

Emergency: never
Technical delay: several times, but all fixed before we left the gate.
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RE: Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical De

Fri Mar 04, 2011 6:27 pm


Flying ZIH-YYZ (Ixtapa to Toronto) on a TS 757. We were coming up on the Mexico-US border when I heard the #1 engine shut down (could have been #2, this was in January 2001). Pilot announced that we had experienced an engine failure and we would be landing at the closest suitable airport. We crossed the border and landed in Harlingen, Texas. I remember turing towards the airport and I could see allt he flashing lights awaiting us. We had 4 ARFF, several ambulances and police cars awaiting our arrival. We had to wait on-board for over two hours while US Customs agents drove to Harlingen because we would have to be processed to leave the aircraft. We stayed overnight for 8 hours until TS ferried an aircraft from YUL to pick us up in the morning.

US flying CLT-FLL a few years ago on a 734. we pulled onto the runway and held. Began a normal take-off roll but all of a sudden the PIC slammed on the brakes and threw the spoilers up. We were just under V1 (as the pilot told me after landing in FLL), so we pulled off and ARFF came and checked us over. Some wanring had gone off requiring the abort. After the brakes cooled, we were able to take-off normally with about a 40 minute delay.

Technical Delay:

Not to many, so I will document my most recent, which was two weeks ago. I was going to ZIH with my family on-board AC 1892 YYZ-ZIH. We boarded the aircraft, and my uncle noticed in his row that the cushions we up, and he noticed vomit on the seatbelt and cusions. Aircraft not clean, fantastic. Notified the attendants, and when they thought of just moving him and my aunt, the Captain noted that the flight was 100% coming back, so they had to get it fixed. Two line guys come on-board, and literally rip the upholstering off the seat, remove the PTV, re-upholster it, attach PTV, and off we go. 30 minute delay, but we made it up in the air. Now that was something.

Actually, one last one. Another trip to ZIH on TS (this time an A330) and we had 4 of our 8 restrooms frozen due to the temperature in YYZ. They tried to do something but only got two more working, so we took off with 6 lavs. Funny part was, the two remaining inop lavs were the two in Club Class.

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RE: Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical De

Fri Mar 04, 2011 6:45 pm

Working for QK (Jazz), I've dealt with more delays and cancellations then I can ever try to remember. Every day is a different cancellation. For personal flying (on commercial), I've had tons of delays prior to and after boarding, for maintence but I have never once had a RTR or RFA (Return to Ramp or Return from Airborne). I've also never had an aborted take off, or a go around.

After flying on 351 commercial flights the last 2 years, I'm starting to get a littled annoyed that nothing interesting has happened!
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RE: Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical De

Fri Mar 04, 2011 7:34 pm

Lots of tech delays:

- Took me three attempts to get on an F100 for the first time. First attempt (KL; ZRH-AMS) the flight was tech and I got automatically re-booked onto an LX RJ100, then a few months later I got on board one (KL; AMS-BRS), but as the plane pushed back the cabin filled with smoke and we were pulled back onto the ramp again. Re-booked on an F70, in C, which wasn't anything to write home about. Coincidentally the steward sat next to me on the second failed try was also crew on my third successful attempt also flying AMS-BRS.

- Had a five hour delay at LHR waiting to fly to PEK after the inbound CA A343 was struck by lightening. On my return two weeks later the very same aircraft suffered an engine failure just before rotation. Incredibly low and slow climb, was restarted and we continued to LHR.

- Spent all night tweaking a presentation for Monday, and went straight to the airport for an early PLH-BRS flight with WOW. As soon as we started taxiing I knew something was wrong; a horrible grinding/shudder from the right main gear. Sat for a long time at the end of the runway, then taxied back in - new brake disc needed so the flight was delayed for several hours. I phoned into University and asked if I could delay to the next day, they were cool with it, so I switched to the same flight the following day and went home to bed.

- A couple of years back I was flying MAN-BRS-PLH, but unfortunately the South West was being it's usual stormy self. One Dash got hit by lightening departing PLH for LGW, then my inbound flight got hit departing from PLH for BRS/MAN. This was back in the day when ASW also operated NQY-CWL-MAN, and by the time passengers got the news that PLH was cancelled, the CWL/NQY had already pushed. Still, it was towed back in and as many BRS/PLH passengers as wanted to travel were boarded, and the flight departed. But due to a faulty door seal the cabin wasn't pressurised, so the flight had to take a lower altitude to normal.

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RE: Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical De

Fri Mar 04, 2011 7:53 pm

A single emergency so far, due to lightning strike. It was a short hop BRU-CDG before Thalys and we had already begun our descent so we landed in CDG anyway on priority clearance.

Technical delays, several. Some of which solved before boarding, some necessitating deplaning before we had left the gate and a few (three as I recall) requiring a return to the gate.

Four remain implanted in my memory. Three flights on AA MD80s (out of a series of four flights within a couple of days) all of which went tech. One deplaning followed by a change of plane, one delayed before boarding and one return to the gate followed by cancellation entirely. I know that statistically speaking this is just an oddity, but I have no flown, and will not fly, AA MD80 since!

The fourth was a return to gate on an IAD-BRU that required us to deplane while the aircraft was being fixed for some reason. Because it was an international flight, we had apparently "officially" left the USA when the door of the aircraft had closed after boarding so when we deplaned we were led into a small room with two doors, one through which we came in, the other that opened, I presume, "into the USA" officially and was guarded by severe looking INS agents to keep us from "escaping."
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RE: Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical De

Fri Mar 04, 2011 11:20 pm

Had various mechanical delays, but the only one that really sticks out was a LHR-DEN flight with UA. We'd pushed back from the gate and waited, and waited. Captain advises that something on the aircraft needs to be reset, but is only accessible from the outside so we need to go back to stand. 30 minutes later, we're moving slowly towards the runway. On the runway, the engines spool up, and then go back to idle. They spool up for a second time, a little longer, before again back to idle. We trundle down the runway at about 40 before turning off and coming to a halt.

They never explained what the issue was, but we were on a remote stand for 2 hours whilst they fixed it. Aircraft did eventually depart to DEN.

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RE: Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical De

Fri Mar 04, 2011 11:48 pm

Emergency: Sort of. Elderly female pax got sick but was stable enough to continue flight from FRA to LAX after being positioned in Business Class. Paramedics took care of her.
Similar thing happened recently enroute to PMI.

GA B744 flying out of BKK (now DMK) to FRA. Main Landing Gear could not be retracted after take-off. Circling above Bangkok for 1+ hour jettisoning fuel. Mechanics arriving heading into cockpit with big manual "Boeing B747-400". Deplaning after another 1+ hour at around 3am. Final departure around 6am 6 hours late.

KL F70. One engine going tech while taxiing out to Polderbaan at AMS (after having rushed to the airport in 30+ °C). Spare a/c was ready within 60 minutes or so. Lucky us.

AS B737. Intending to fly a A.netter roundtrip PSP - SFO - PSP with a 2 hours connection time for a good meal, the screw cap of fuel tank was missing after refuelling. Took 1 visit by mechanic to replace cap and another (return-)visit to reset some computer in the cockpit. Subsequent delay menat that I had to make a beeling at SFO to cath my flight back to PSP instead of having a decent meal ...
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RE: Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical De

Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:13 am

A couple big ones:

Once, about 4 years ago, I was going to board an IB flight to MAD from ORD... They kept on pushing the departure time back, until they canceled it... IB put us up in the Hyatt Regency. Apparently, something with the wing was wrong. I was angry; it was to be my first IB flight. Instead, the next morning, IB put us on EI, to Dublin. On the DUB-MAD sector, I was parked in F; they gave me some weird food and it was the only time i've ever thrown up in a plane; also my only time to have ever flown F.

Another time, 6 or 7 years ago, I was on a HP 737, at LAS; we where going to LAX. On takeoff, a few seconds in, we had an aborted take-off; we later taxied back to the gate; we sat in the plane for 2 hours. Apparently, some warning light came on in the cockpit and the pilot decided to abort. The taxi back to the runway was the fastest (in terms of how fast the pilot was actually taxing the a/c) I have ever been in; he was in a hurry, and with good reason.
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RE: Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical De

Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:40 am

a few that come to mind...

AA BHX-ORD: 7 hour delay due to a technical fault on the inbound aircraft. They never did explain what it was.

US: PHL - PHX..taxied out to take off....pilot reported a computer failure, had to return to the gate for an hour and half delay to replace the faulty item. (US still managed to try and blame me for my baggage getting stranded in PHL on that flight as well)

US: LGB-PHX. (2 occasions) one for a piece of overhead trim that needed to be fixed, amazing 2 hour delay. Second on taxiing out for take off at LGB, had to return to shut down and reboot the computers that were not functioning correctly. Only about a half hour IIRC.

US: CLT - PHL: aircrew over time, had to wait 3 hours!!! for a replacement crew.

US: PHL-ORD: cargo bin door on my inbound international flight couldn't be opened, could not get the baggage through customs so missed the last flight of the day. took 2 days to get on another flight. (that was my last straw with US and the end of my relationship with them, not helped by US denying all knowledge of the event when I contacted them)

DL: PHX-SLC: 2 hour delay waiting for an overhead bin door to be repaired. (both this and the US incident were so slow because neither airline had the correct mechanic (read: Union) available. The US flight was even better because the mechanic servicing the US flights went home before the last flight of the day!

On the flip side, had two in flight medical emergencies on WN flights which got us a priority landing and early! fortunately it was nothing serious for those who were ill.
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RE: Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical De

Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:56 am

Big time memorable tech delay DL ATL-LAX 763

Begin our taxi, and the pilot comes over the com and tells us our flaps won't deploy. So we go back to the gate and sit in the plane for three hours while they fix it. Best part, once it's fixed, we sit on the tarmac #17 in line for takeoff when a 3 hour ground stop due to thunderstorms comes into effect!
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RE: Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical De

Sat Mar 05, 2011 4:52 pm

As a passenger:

Saw the FO being carted off on a stretcher and into an ambulance from the gate, DL 767 CPH-JFK. We had to make an en-route stop in BOS for crew change.

Several incidents on Q400, including a couple of in-flight turn backs for unsecured door warning.

As crew (all on B757):

Hit a fox at around 100kts on departure. We continued, got her up to 5000 ft and had a chat about what to do. Decided to return, and found that the nose-wheel steering was somewhat buggered when we slowed down. Stopped on the runway and was towed to gate. Aircraft was AOG for a couple of days.

Struck wake turbulence from a preceding MD-11F on departure. Got shaken pretty badly and had to put on best game to keep the kite in the air. Captain and self had a long look at each other and decided a return to have the aicraft checked was the best option. Also gave us the oppertunity to have a change of underwear.

Sat in cockpit on the ground, heard a loud bang and screeching sound. Turned out a ramper had approached the aft hold door with a beltloader. Beltloader had failed to brake, ramper panicked and jumped off the vehicle which continued under the fuselage and out the other side, leaving behind it an approx. 1 meter long hole. Aircraft AOG for around 2 weeks.
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RE: Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical De

Sat Mar 05, 2011 5:14 pm

Quoting B777LRF (Reply 13):
somewhat buggered

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RE: Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical De

Sat Mar 05, 2011 11:19 pm

Not many for me -

VS 742 - 5 hours due to problem with a/c can't quite remember why though!

TP A321 last August at LHR - delayed by 30 minutes to start with. Sat down and the Captain informed us that we'd have to wait for about an hour because of an issue with some cockpit instruments.

But I did once get an L1011 instead of a A320 due to a crewing issue  

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RE: Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical De

Sun Mar 06, 2011 7:00 pm

Last October I was flying from ORD to SMF on a United A320. An hour or two into the flight the captain announced that there was a problem with the anti-ice system for the cockpit windshield. So we diverted to DEN, where they had another A320 waiting for us. We waited around the terminal for them to transfer all the bags, then we boarded the new plane and resumed our flight.

A few years ago I was flying from SEA to SMF on AS. If I remember correctly it was a 734. Apparently one of the seat belts was broken, and since it was a full flight we were delayed about an hour while the mechanics replaced it.
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RE: Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical De

Sun Mar 06, 2011 7:26 pm

November 2009 me and fellow netter LGWspeedbird were on a trip to Australia. We were on our leg from Sydney to Hong Kong on Qantas for a few nights. As we were on standby we missed getting on the first CX flight and managed to get to nice Y+ seats on QF which was surprising. We got to the gate, sat in our seats, and stayed there for 8 hours. Stayed at the gate I should say. We stayed on for about 2 hours, then de-boarded, then got back on and again stayed there for a while. Tech, then weather, then tech again. We finally got into HKG 8 and a bit hours late. QF were great though. Food vouchers being handed out right away, lots of info and staff at the gate at all times. Crew handled it well as well.
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RE: Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical De

Sun Mar 06, 2011 9:59 pm

I've only had one tech delay that I can remember of with Canada3000. Flying from DUS-KEF-YYC-YVR, we ended up getting into YYC just as a major thunderstorm was moving in (IIRC, we were the second last aircraft to get in before the airport was shut down, there was an AA MD80 that came in, but for some reason they had to wait on the tarmac before they could pull up to the gate). Anyways, those of us continuing on to YVR waited in the aircraft until the storm passed, however, one of the engines started to develop a problem so they had to get it fixed before we proceeded. So we all ended up getting off the aircraft and clearing customs in YYC to save us time in YVR, once they got the plane fixed, they pulled it up to a domestic gate and we were on our merry way arriving in YVR 6 hours late.

The only thing that ticked me off about this was that none of the airside vendors accepted our food vouchers from the airline ... they said you can only used them landside.
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RE: Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical De

Mon Mar 07, 2011 4:02 am

Emergency: Never

Technical: Yes, on a flight last March 31, we boarded the WN 73G from BWI to PVD and the F/O noticed that his seat was not on the tracks (the pilot explained it got off the tracks during a hard landing--is that even possible?) so when he tried sliding it forward, it would not budge. They called maintenance, and they fixed it. 1 hour delay, sitting at the gate.

Another WN flight (actually my return flight from the flight listed above) that was canceled due to maintenance. Not sure what the issue was.
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RE: Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical De

Mon Mar 07, 2011 11:28 am

hmmmm had to think a bit. back to 1980 I was on a return flight on AA from SAT-DFW-LAX
the 727 decided to amuse the pilots with unsafe Gear lights. after 3 low passes by the DFW tower we landed with funny trucks chasing us and nothing went wrong. that's as close as I got
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RE: Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical De

Mon Mar 07, 2011 1:58 pm

No emergency, but technical delays twice.

Once on a NW 727 in 1998, MSP-CLE. We taxied out to the runway, and then the captain informed us that one of the air conditioners for the cargo hold had failed, and since we had perishable items on board, we had to sit and wait for about an hour for ground crew to remove the perishables and transfer them to a different airplane.

In 2005, on an XJ SF340 DTW-CLE, we had to sit on the ramp at DTW for 4 hours while every passenger and the airplane was searched, due to a bag that was on board with out a passenger; that bag also was leaking "white powder." It was later turned out to be a misplaced bag from a different flight, that had bags of rice flour in it; something Asian cultures apparently like to do when they visit Asia.
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RE: Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical De

Mon Mar 07, 2011 3:08 pm

Never an emergency, but lots of tech problems. Ones that stick out in my mind are a Pinnacle CRJ-200 at STL had a failure of the flaps, they were stuck down. A mechanic fixed that at the gate and we were only 15 minutes late. Another time a NW DC-9-30, at DTW, went tech because the oil pressure gauge stopped working. They replaced it and it still didn't work so they replaced the sending unit, that didn't get it so they towed the DC-9 away and brought us another one. Another time at DTW we were delayed because the 757 had a foul odor in the cabin, particularly the back half of the plane. Somebody barfed all over the place. They had all the doors open and some fans were brought it. The flight was an hour late getting off to MSP and people in the rear of the plane were asked if they wanted to take a different flight and get a $300 voucher. I was in F and I didn't smell anything.

The only time I had to return to the airport was back in '99 on a TW MD-80 STL-YYZ. The pilot said one of the radio sets failed and we had to return to STL about fifteen minutes into the flight. The aircraft was repaired and we left for YYZ two hours later.

My dad has been flying for business a lot since 1969 and he only was involved in one accident. Back in 1970 he was on a Caravelle that ran off the end of the runway at ORY. I am sure he has been delayed for tech problems more than he cares to remember.
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RE: Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical De

Tue Mar 08, 2011 1:07 am

I can't remember all of the tech delays I've experienced, but the latest was a JAL 744 NRT-YVR. Some trouble with number 1 engine that delayed us about 45 mins.

The biggest incident I've had flying was on a Westjet 737-700 that ran off the end of the runway landing in YOW. We were in about 2 feet of snow and had to wait about an hour for airport ground crews to plow a path for the airstairs. Once off the plane we were taken to the terminal in city busses.
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RE: Have You Ever Had An Emergency Or Technical De

Tue Mar 08, 2011 1:12 am

Seven hours in CVG due to a MLG issue. Had to wait for parts from IND. 0600 departure from YYZ, finally arrived in AVL around 1600.
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