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Non-rev On TAM & ZED Tickets Questions

Mon Apr 11, 2011 2:11 pm

Hi there!

My airline just signed its first ZED agreement with another carrier and we are getting XXX standby tickets per year on TAM flights. However, I am wondering if these tickets really are ZED tickets because our interline dept told me I will only have to pay for the airport taxes (rather than a certain amount depending on the distance flown)... So as I'm new on non-revving on other airlines here are my questions...

1º I'm looking forward to use these tickets so I was planning to fly MAD-GRU-EZE someday around the 20th Sept and going back to Spain on the 7-9th Oct weekend. Maybe an insider could give some lights? I know it's incredibly early to know whether I will manage to non-rev or not but maybe someone can give advices such as "end of Sept is a busy holidays period", "better flying on Wednesday than Friday/Saturday" or "MAD-GRU is an incredibly busy route all year round". Additionally I would like to fly to GRU-SLZ-GRU around 21st-24th Sept so I would like to know if it is a busy route.

2º How do I know if it's a ZED ticket or just a current stand-by one? Does it appears printed somewhere on the coupon?

3º If it is a ZED ticket, I guess I can use it on Iberia also even if my airline has just signed the agreement with TAM? (that would make things a lot easier as TAM has just one flight compared to IB.

Any help will be really appreciated!  
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RE: Non-rev On TAM & ZED Tickets Questions

Mon Apr 11, 2011 4:51 pm

I can't really answer a lot of what you've asked, but since no one else has piped in:

ZED tickets are standby (space available) tickets, NOT guaranteed seats.

ZED tickets have a set fare schedule based on type (low, medium, high) and distance. These fares a universal across all ZED agreements. Taxes are then added to this fare. If you are only paying taxes, then it is not a ZED (it is something better!).

When you to list for your flights, the agent who makes the listing should be able to tell you what the loads are like.

You can not use a ZED for another airline on Iberia unless your airline also has a ZED agreement with Iberia.

Your interline dept will be able to tell you more about the specifics of your agreement then anyone on here (who will just be guessing.)
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RE: Non-rev On TAM & ZED Tickets Questions

Tue Apr 12, 2011 8:05 pm

Hi doug_Or,

Thanks for clarifying the question about using my standbyticket with Iberia! I still dont really know how it works and our interline dept has not answer my emails... Probably they're busy replying hundreds of mails from excited employees!

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