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Caracas - Curacao In 1992?

Fri May 06, 2011 8:37 pm

I'm trying to find some info about some flights I took in 1992. I'd love to find out what airline and type I was on, and what the routing was.

It was in July - early August of 1992. The aircraft was, as far as I remember, an MD-80 series, and the airline was either Avensa, or Servivensa, or Aeropostal. I flew from CCS to CUR and back, but on one segment, I believe the first, or maybe both of them, there was a stop in another Antillean island. Something makes me think it might have been Aruba, even though Bonaire is more direct.

Does anybody have any schedules or route maps of those airlines from that time? I'd love to shed some light on this.

Thank you!

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RE: Caracas - Curacao In 1992?

Fri May 06, 2011 9:42 pm

Hi Sören,
In case you flew on AVENSA, chances are very high that it were B727s all the way.
I was on 18 domestic sectors with them in 1991 and all of them were B727 with previous operators from all over the world (one had been with Hapag-Lloyd, still having some traces inside).

Servivensa: Did they already have jets in 1992 ? Back in 1991, I was under the impression that they only had DC-3/C-47 ...
Ah, Canaima to Ciudad Bolivar in a DC-3 ! Memories ...   

Aeropostal: shows a single DC9-51 having been delivered to Aeropoastal in 1988 but it was returned to lessor on 29-MAR-1992. However, that website's list of DC9's is less than complete (and nothing at all yet on the Threeholer '27) ...

Not sure if any of this is of help ...
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RE: Caracas - Curacao In 1992?

Sat May 07, 2011 10:57 pm

July 1992 OAG shows a daily Servivensa DC9 CCS-MAR-LSP-CUR, a daily Aeropostal M80 CCS-CUR, eight nonstop ALM Antillean M80s a week, plus one a week CCS-BON-CUR. The only other direct flights were two KLM D10s a week.

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