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Mail Solicitations From WN RR, Marriott R..

Thu May 26, 2011 4:29 am

Here's a issue I'm curious if anyone shares in:

The constant pelting of snail-mail solicitations from Chase Bank on behalf of Southwest Rapid Rewards, and Marriott Rewards.

There have been times when I get these in consecutive days in a row. In February, I signed up on the gov's site to opt out of unsolicited US mail. Within 30 days, that action stopped nearly everything, EXCEPT the credit card pieces from Chase Bank. I've turned-off all communication options on the WN and Marriott sites. No avail. I will say I'm about to cease doing business with both Marriott and Southwest just as a gesture of protest. I realize they may have little influence over what Chase does with their marketing efforts, but the association is an association. The envelopes are branded WN and Marriott, not Chase.

Anyone else? This kind of ridiculous pelting creates more risk of ID theft, and gads, I'm sure a few trees have been killed in effort to lure me in. These aren't just cheap letters either - many of them are QUITE fancy in construction and weight.

Thanks for any advice.

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RE: Mail Solicitations From WN RR, Marriott R..

Thu May 26, 2011 4:39 am

It has to do with the companies' privacy policies. If you ever read those random brochures all credit card and many other companies send periodically, they basically say that the company reserves the right to use, give, or sell your name to any of their subsidiaries, affiliated companies, or partners.

In this case, it means they have given/sold your name to Chase, who in turn buys miles/points from them, and Chase is the one sending you these marketing materials "on behalf of" Southwest and Marriott.

I'm not familiar with either of these companies, their offerings, or their web sites, but if you've turned off marketing attempts already, my guess is you only did so for the main companies, i.e. WN and Marriott. You would need to read their privacy policies, but there is probably a separate way to opt out of partner communication materials, which will also vary depending on your state of residence.
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